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SaaS Gains Momentum

Big business has reached a tipping point in acceptance of Software as a Service applications.  Known also as hosted solutions, SaaS has been around as long as browser-based applications but has only gained momentum recently. Broader acceptance of the SaaS model is evidenced by the size of recent contracts. has blazed the SaaS trail [...]

FileTrail’s Annual Food Bank Donation

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means so is FileTrail’s Annual Food Bank Donation. Every Holiday season FileTrail is filled with deep gratitude and appreciation for our many blessing throughout the year. In our quest to give back to the community FileTrail has made it an annual tradition to donate turkeys and canned food [...]

RFID Solutions for Courts

FileTrail is pleased to share the news of our successful RFID Solutions for Courts Webinar. This webinar presented by FileTrail and Motorola featuring Judge William D. Missouri and Andrew Kassick served as a valuable resource for prospective clients to understand the benefits of RFID solutions in courts. We had over a hundred people register for the webinar and have heard nothing but positive feedback.  [...]

ARMA 2010

Hi all. This is Jen, I’m a part of the Marketing team at FileTrail. Last week I was in San Francisco for the ARMA International Show.  While the show was still a bit light on attendance, it was clear that the economy is moving forward and companies are looking to solve physical records management problems.  [...]

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    FileTrail has been delivering physical records management software and RFID-based file tracking technology since our founding in 2000. Based in the Silicon Valley, FileTrail is proud of the over 400 leading organizations across the public and commercial markets that have chosen our solutions to deliver file management and tracking solutions that help them reduce cost, ensure compliance, and streamline business processes. For the past decade we have cultivated a deep community of related technology and service partners, and through these relationships FileTrail solutions are available to customers worldwide.
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    Our mission is to help our customers be successful. Period. We become successful once our customers have achieved what they planned. To do this, we provide comprehensive physical records management solutions that enable them to streamline business processes, eliminate records and compliance risk, and increase control over their information assets. We do this in a way that provides a financially compelling ROI.
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