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SaaS Gains Momentum

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Big business has reached a tipping point in acceptance of Software as a Service applications.  Known also as hosted solutions, SaaS has been around as long as browser-based applications but has only gained momentum recently.

Broader acceptance of the SaaS model is evidenced by the size of recent contracts. has blazed the SaaS trail with a growing number of mega-accounts, including Japan Post with 40,000 users and Citibank with 30,000 users.  Microsoft and other SaaS providers also see a growing number of large accounts. 

The SaaS concept delivers many advantages.  First, the client gains all the power of the application without the huge initial capital outlay that comes with traditional licensing.  Also, since the application and data are managed by the vendor the client organization avoids the cost of infrastructure and labor to maintain infrastructure and application.  Finally, the application is easily deployed without installing software at every PC.

FileTrail has been providing hosted solutions to clients since 2001.  As a leader in records management, FileTrail was first to market with a 100% browser-based records management solution and first to provide records management solutions under the SaaS model.  Recently we have seen larger companies signing up for our hosted solutions, including Allied Capital, AIG Valic, Duke Energy, St. Luke’s Hospital and others.

“We chose a hosted system from FileTrail in 2001 because budgeting kept us from implementing a system in-house,” said Marc Merrill, a Management Consultant with Glenn M. Gelman & Associates. “Once we made our decision, we were up and running in a very short period of time.”

“Having FileTrail host the system on their servers was a great decision,” said Stephen P. Paschall, a Partner at Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks LLP. “Since we started in 2003, we have never had to worry about doing backups, upgrading software or installing software at anyone’s desk.”

“By choosing FileTrail’s hosting solution, we avoided having to expand our IT infrastructure to accommodate an in-house hosting option,” said Joshua Teeple, CPA, CFE, Director of Litigation Technology Services at Grobstein, Horwath & Company LLP.

FileTrail is the leading provider of browser-based records management solutions. FileTrail provides traditional applications licensing, as well as on-demand, SaaS for clients in many industries.  A FileTrail hosted solution automates records management with lower capital costs.

FileTrail’s Annual Food Bank Donation

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means so is FileTrail’s Annual Food Bank Donation. Every Holiday season FileTrail is filled with deep gratitude and appreciation for our many blessing throughout the year. In our quest to give back to the community FileTrail has made it an annual tradition to donate turkeys and canned food to local food banks so those unable to afford it during these tough times are still given the opportunity to experience the comfort of a traditional Holiday dinner.

This year we invite all our clients to take part in FileTrail’s Annual Food Bank Donation through a special promotional offer available for the holiday. Clients that buy 10,000 paper labels or 1,000 RFID tags will have a turkey donated to a local food bank on their behalf. If you would like to take the opportunity to give back this season while also receiving something in return, please contact FileTrail and be sure to mention our holiday promotion.

Today we had our first round of food bank donations just in time for Thanksgiving. We were able to bring plenty of trukeys and canned foods to Sacred Heart and Second Harvest Food Bank here in San Jose, CA. If you would like to participate in our special Holiday Promotion it is not too late. Please contact for more information or to place your order today.

For updates on FileTrail’s Food Bank Donations, or to see more pictures visit our Facebook site: FileTrail’s Facebook Page

RFID Solutions for Courts

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FileTrail is pleased to share the news of our successful RFID Solutions for Courts Webinar. This webinar presented by FileTrail and Motorola featuring Judge William D. Missouri and Andrew Kassick served as a valuable resource for prospective clients to understand the benefits of RFID solutions in courts. We had over a hundred people register for the webinar and have heard nothing but positive feedback. 

During the webinar we reference a Gartner Case Study which is now being featured on the Motorola Asset Management Page. Please use the following link to access the Gartner Case Study: Passive UHF RFID Helps Missouri Court System Get Files to Court on Time:  Gartner Case Study

Also, a playback of the presentation is available here:  RFID for Justice Webinar

ARMA 2010

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Hi all. This is Jen, I’m a part of the Marketing team at FileTrail. Last week I was in San Francisco for the ARMA International Show.  While the show was still a bit light on attendance, it was clear that the economy is moving forward and companies are looking to solve physical records management problems. 

Our team had a lot of fun. We had an instant-winner program where people used our portable RFID Detector to locate prizes — normally this is used to locate misplaced files. With a read range of 10 – 15 feet, prizes could be located quickly and you knew if you were a winner immediately.  We gave away several iPod Nanos, bottles of wine and about 100 Starbucks gift cards.

We also had instant winners every hour who received $50 cash on the spot.  Boy, were people surprised when the Prize Patrol Team surrounded them cheering and blowing horns.  We used the same portable RFID Detector to hunt for the RFID tags we had given to the people who stopped by the booth.  It was very cool to walk to a spot in the busy show and start scanning for RFID tags. When the Detector started beeping we knew we had found one, and could zero in on where that person was. Cheers and toots followed. Take a look at our tweets posted during the show at and some great photos at

As always, there was a diversity of companies at the booth seeking the broad functionality and fast configurability that FileTrail is famous for. Some companies were looking to automate their records centers, some to automate file rooms and active circulation, and others looking for RFID-based tracking. The most exciting part was the interest in FileTrail for SharePoint. 

This was our second year showing FileTrail for SharePoint. Last year we were showing it in a SharePoint 2010 beta, since 2010 was not released until May. This year it was the real thing, and we got rave reviews for our deep integration from people who were seeing the faux SharePoint integrations all over the exhibit floor. 

I have to say “faux” integration because if you are vendor still storing the meta data in your own database instead of in SharePoint — and storing electronic documents in your own repository instead of in SharePoint — then, are you really “integrated”, or just using SharePoint as the gift wrapping on your same old technology.

We heard a lot of grumbling about these integration. We heard reports of products where you used SharePoint to search electronic documents and a connector tool to do a separate search of physical records. Sure the two searches are on the same screen, and sure the two results lists appear on the same screen, but really?!?  Can you sing “They do the Monster Mashup!”

If you care about managing Physical Records really truly in SharePoint, check out FileTrail for SharePoint at It is really cool because every SharePoint search you do returns an integrated list of physical and electronic.  All the regular SharePoint tools can be used with physical and electronic records.  Also, there are extra tools for physical records to check-out, archive, order retrieval from a commercial records center, and a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading.  If you didn’t make it to ARMA this year, I hope to see you next year.  Here is the information you will need about the show