AmLaw 100 Law Firm Jackson Lewis Upgrades How It Manages Physical Records

Jackson Lewis evaluates all the major records management software on the market. In the end, it discovers FileTrail provides the best solution to meet a growing law firm’s long-term needs.

Challenge: Starting from the ground up, firm needs to modernize its traditional physical records management system

Over the past several decades, Jackson Lewis P.C. has grown from a few scattered offices on the East Coast to 59 offices across the United States. Today, it is one of the 100 largest law firms in the nation. Throughout most of its history, the firm used a traditional records management system to handle physical records management. This system worked well for decades; however as the firm continued its expansion, so did its physical records volume.

In 2013 Jackson Lewis set up a centralized department to handle firm-wide records management, hiring industry veteran Bradlee W. Davis as the Director of Records and Information Governance: “I realized that when I came on board there would be some pretty big challenges, primarily because we’d be implementing a new system from the ground up. There was no legacy data to upload, which meant there would be a lot of historical data to capture.”

Jackson Lewis selects FileTrail

At his previous firm, Davis used FileSurf, which was unable to offer the tech support they needed long-term. Understanding the pitfalls of implementing a new records management solution, Jackson Lewis’ team rigorously evaluated several big records management solutions. In the end, they decided on FileTrail.

“A huge determining factor [for choosing FileTrail] was the end-of-life of so many other legacy records management systems. FileTrail was really smart about not falling prey to following trends. While big records management software solutions are increasingly focused on managing electronic records only, FileTrail understands that law firms are very paper-intensive. FileTrail stuck in there with the physical records management portion of their product. As a result, they have become a frontrunner in physical records management for law firms.”

–Bradlee W. Davis, Director of Records and Information Governance, Jackson Lewis

Other reasons Jackson Lewis chose FileTrail: integration with NetDocuments, simple implementation, IG retention tools, excellent customer service, and a reasonable price-point.