ARMA InfoCon 2021 Recap

ARMA Infocon 2021

Community through Connection

Nineteen months into the pandemic, we have all seemingly embraced the “new normal” – particularly with virtual events. While many of us struggle with forming meaningful connections during virtual events, ARMA InfoCon tackled that issue head on with the theme “Community through Connection.”

Technology and Humanity

Following on the theme of InfoCon this year, the keynote on Monday titled “Better Technology for the Future of Humanity and Why We All Need to Build it” asked the question, “How do we become our best selves?” Thought provoking and humanizing, this session was an important reminder of the inextricable bond of humans and technology as we’ve increasingly become disconnected from in-person interactions since the start of the pandemic. While most of us have been predominantly home-bound, glued to our screens, sitting in Zoom rooms rather than physical rooms, speaker Kate O’Neill made the point that innovation is about what is going to matter. Tuesday’s keynote, “The Future is Now: How Technology is Reimagining Collaborative Information Management,” similarly stressed that moving forward we should expect connections being made digitally rather than in-person.

Physical Records: A Common Roadblock to Digital Transformation

ARMA INfocon 2021 FileTrail

FileTrail took this opportunity to deliver a meaningful and informative session titled “Physical Records: A Common Roadblock to Digital Transformation.” Office environments may never look exactly as they did pre-pandemic as staff continue to embrace what may be permanent changes in how we work. Regardless of what the future holds for in-person office work, there has been a massive shift away from paper-based processes toward using electronic files, online applications, and digital workflows. Despite this shift, companies are still weighed down by large volumes of physical records residing in offsite storage. Tens of thousands of boxes, typically accumulated over decades, not only cost millions to store and manage each year but may expose companies to significant security and compliance risks. In this session, Jonathan King provided practical strategies to deal with the backlog of aging paper records that continue to haunt most companies. Watch the session recording below.