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We are fortunate to work with trail-blazing organizations in a wide range of highly-regulated industries such as legal, oil and gas, life sciences, financial services, government, insurance and more every day. We value our relationship with them, and view them as long-term partners in the ever-changing world of Information Governance. 

Since our founding in 2000, we have approached business growth with an emphasis on reference-ability, and product development with a partnering approach with our clients. Partnering ensures that we are exposed to real-world problems on which we base real-world solutions. It has also helped us release product updates with greater maturity — leveraging client input throughout the design, modeling, and development phases.  We’re proud to call these, and many other organizations our clients, friends and partners in the IG journey. 

FT Governance Quote 1

“FileTrail Governance provides powerful and flexible workflows for our Matter Mobility and firm-wide retention requirements.

We’re targeting significant process improvements, staff efficiencies, and overall time savings. FileTrail continues to exceed our expectations delivering innovative technologies, and a superior implementation experience.”

-- Am Law 50 Law Firm

FT Governance #2

“The team at FileTrail provide exceptional support from implementation through every step following. The FileTrail Governance tool has given the firm a better than 80% gain in efficiency with the retention and transfer processes by utilizing considerably fewer man hours and searching two data management systems at once.

From a risk management perspective, we can safely tell our clients and in-house counsel that all data in firm systems has been accounted for.

In less than one year, using FileTrail Governance, we have been able to delete over 3 million documents and email messages with the push of a button.”

- Am Law 50 Firm

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There’s a reason FileTrail has been leading the Information Governance market for 20+ years, and it all comes down to experience, customer service, and excellence. Stay on track with FileTrail — we’ll help you get there.