Comprehensive Solution

Reduce Risk and Contain Costs

In most organizations today, electronic documents are saved everywhere — in document management systems, file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, Box and other repositories. Many corporations, government entities and law firms also have a large volume of physical records that have accumulated over decades — very costly to store and difficult to manage.  

Without a comprehensive view of all of your information assets, information governance is approximate at best. As the saying goes, “You can’t govern what you can’t see.” 

FileTrail can help by providing an integrated view across your organization’s physical and electronic repositories — so that you can centrally manage and automate the information governance lifecycle, significantly reducing risk and containing costs.

Policy Management

Centralize Information Governance Policies 

Is everyone in your organization aware of where your information governance policies, including retention policies, are stored? And with information stored across so many repositories, how can these policies be effectively applied to everything?

Historically, many organizations have handled retention manually, if at all. However, as the volume of data held by these same organizations grows at an accelerated pace, it has become impractical and inefficient for individuals to manually track document classification, retention and disposition.

FileTrail Governance enables organizations to store information governance policies, including internal retention policies and applicable external rules, including regulatory requirements and outside counsel guidelines, centrally and automatically apply them to relevant information assets, wherever they reside.

Records Management

The global pandemic has triggered an unprecedented shift toward paperless processes — but the reality is that most organizations still have archives of physical records that are very costly to store and difficult to track.

As companies evolve over time — with mergers and acquisitions, expansion and restructuring — physical records become increasingly difficult to manage. In many industries, they also pose significant risks if information is not protected and destroyed in a timely manner.

Relying on legacy records management systems such as LegalKEY is inefficient, and can further compound security and compliance risks.

FileTrail Records Manager is the leading records management solution for large- and mid-sized enterprises in heavily regulated industries, providing visibility into both your physical and electronic records through a single intuitive web-based system.

Disposition Workflow Management

Automate disposition of electronic & physical records​

Many organizations today are storing physical and digital records they no longer need — including files relating to projects, engagements, clients and matters that have been inactive for more than a decade. The costs and risks of this “keep everything just in case” approach are significant — and pose looming threats for organizations that fail to act.

FileTrail enables organizations to automate retention and disposition workflows for both physical and electronic records, enabling them to manage and enforce information governance policies on an ongoing basis.

Once the information lifecycle is fully automated, FileTrail automatically identifies which documents and records are eligible for disposition, and puts them into the review cycle at the right time — so you no longer have to worry about manually tracking retention schedules, searching for records, chasing approvals, and missing deadlines.

Matter Mobility
(Client File Transfer)

Making the movement of client files more efficient while minimizing risk

When laterals join or leave your law firm — with the intention of bringing or taking client matter files with them —  it can create significant administrative challenges for firms. The need to respond quickly increases the risks firms must manage in order to address their professional obligations, serve clients, satisfy incoming lawyers and grow effectively. 

Client file transfers can also create a costly administrative burden for IT, as well as other lawyers and staff. There has to be a better way to address the process of identifying, reviewing, and migrating (in and out) relevant client matter information. 

FileTrail can help in automating workflows to ensure that the correct files are gathered, reviewed and approved for transfer — as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Compliance: Analytics & Reporting

Monitor and assess compliance with IG policies

Is your organization currently in compliance with relevant information governance policies? Are there any areas that require immediate attention from staff or counsel? Are there long-term trends that need to be addressed?

FileTrail is built on actionable dashboards that alert IG professionals and other stakeholders about key issues, and automatically document completion of critical tasks. Generating status reports is straightforward, enabling the team to respond quickly to any client queries and audits.

In addition, FileTrail can also enable IG professionals to compile and analyze metrics to assess compliance.