FileTrail GPS — Records Manager

A Modern Approach to Physical Records Management

Electronic documents have become more prevalent across every sector. The global pandemic has triggered an unprecedented shift toward paperless processes. However, the reality is that most enterprises still have a vast inventory of physical records that are costly to store and difficult to track. Records management systems are more important than ever.

The rapid evolution of corporations through mergers, acquisitions and restructuring also creates significant challenges for enterprise records management. And in many industries, physical records can pose significant risks if information is not protected and destroyed in a timely manner.

FileTrail GPS Records Manager is the leading records management system for law firms, as well as large- and mid-sized enterprises in heavily regulated industries. With FileTrail records management software (RMS), authorized users can gain visibility into all physical and electronic repositories through a single intuitive web-based system. 

Modernize your RMS

Legacy records management tools are inefficient, and can further compound security and compliance risks. With remote working, it no longer makes sense for users to submit every record request in person. For records managers, manually tracking transactions and deadlines is time-consuming. Furthermore, delays in tracking down records can make it difficult to get through regulatory audits, and lead to warnings and fines.

FileTrail takes a modern approach to enterprise records management. By automating workflows for records requests, retention and disposition, RM teams no longer need to manually track chain of custody and retention deadlines. In addition, FileTrail GPS Records Manager automatically captures a complete record of all activity, including approvals, providing an audit trail for future reference. Using FileTrail, searching and locating records is straightforward, making it easier to respond to audits quickly

A Unified Workspace

FileTrail GPS – Records Manager makes it easy to manage and track your physical records alongside your electronic files. Authorized users can access a comprehensive, actionable dashboard via desktop, tablet or smartphone and submit retrieval requests. The FileTrail records management system can be configured to support your organization’s processes.

Seamless integration with leading document management systems (DMS) and electronic content management systems (ECM) such as SharePoint, NetDocuments, OpenText and IBM, means users can view their files within a single pane within FileTrail.

  • Advanced Search & Locate — Quickly find the exact document you need, regardless of how many thousands of records you’re searching through. 
  • Track Chain of Custody — Bar codes and RFID enable you to automatically track and view items from the folder level to the box level, so you can respond quickly to requests for retrieval and pickup.
  • Streamlined Search — Easily configure search forms and results using unlimited user-defined fields. Create saved searches for routine searches to maximize efficiency.
  • Ranked Results — Use full-text Amazon-style search and get back ranked results, including metadata fields and imaged documents.
  • Off-Site Storage — Submit requests and view pending orders to off-site storage facilities via close integration with Iron Mountain, Access and other major vendors.
  • Labels — Design and print bar-coded labels and color-coded labels from any workstation.
  • Mobile Access — Simplify tracking, auditing and pulling for request fulfillment and destruction on Android devices.
  • Custom Reporting Engine — Generate custom reports and download search results as a .csv or .pdf file as needed.
Check out the comparison chart of FileTrail records management software with other enterprise systems.


Migration from Legacy Systems

The extreme configurability of FileTrail — unlimited user-defined fields and user-defined screens for different types of records — makes it straightforward to migrate legacy data. And the quality of data collected moving forward can be improved by defining new screens with different fields and stricter validation.

FileTrail has experience migrating data from legacy systems including LegalKEY, ARM/FileSurf, iRIMS, Accutrac, Elite RM, Aderant RM, Access, FileTrack, Infolinx, Tab, Smead, Versatile, Stellent, OmniRIM, O’Neil, and other products and data sources.