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Implementation and Management of Physical Records & Digital Data

Implementation and Management of Physical Records & Digital Data

IG Challenges for LLP Law Firms

LLP law firms face particular challenges in the implementation and management of physical records and digital data. Firms tend to hold on to matter data for many years, but without effective tracking of their cases to identify legacy data, they can soon become costly to maintain.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Client expectations in accessibility and speed of access to matter data have also changed, creating an even more pressing need for efficient and usable data systems. Added to these issues, with the onset of cloud storage, it has become common practice for firms to retain all email data, which can soon create hefty storage costs as well as increasing the risks of data breaches and fines. An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ culture has grown around digitised data that will inevitably cause huge problems for firms as time goes on.

Decisive and Effective IG Policies

The implementation of decisive and effective IG policies is required to manage these issues. Many firms are turning to IG consultancy practices to help formulate a roadmap to better data management. However, LLP firms can face further challenges in this regard due to the number of stakeholders that need to be on board with the creation and implementation of IG policies. It’s important for consultants to work with the General Counsel to create cultural change in data management from the top down. Where concise IG policies are a must, changing data retention from personality to policy driven is another journey LLP firms need to take. This is where effective use of IG software comes in. Once policies are in place, IG software can effectively manage data to elevate these issues and make the firm’s data accessible, usable and compliant.