Industries Served

Managing the Most Sensitive Information for the Most Demanding Clients

Law Firms

Law firms now face major challenges and risks in records management:

  • Clients specifying strict retention policies
  • A growing volume of electronic and physical documents and records across repositories — costly to store and difficult to track
  • Lack of support for legacy records systems like LegalKEY

FileTrail is the new industry standard for records management and information governance — endorsed and recommended by leading DMS vendors and adopted by Am Law 100 firms.

Find out more about how FileTrail enables firms to modernize records management, reduce risk, and streamline IT and storage costs.

Legal Departments

Corporate legal departments are gaining recognition for the strategic value they can deliver to the overall business. At the same time, they face significant challenges, including:

  • Pressure to reduce total legal spend and operate more efficiently
  • Rapidly changing regulatory requirements around information governance, data privacy and data protection

FileTrail is the records management solution of choice for legal departments from Fortune 500 firms across many industries.

Read more to find out how legal departments use FileTrail to centralize information governance across electronic and physical records, streamline record retrieval, automate records retention (and disposition), and manage regulatory compliance more efficiently.

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical companies face tremendous pressure in bringing new drugs to market, while ensuring quality and safety as well as compliance with GxP guidelines. The last thing any company needs is to spend valuable staff hours chasing down paper-based records.

FileTrail helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies maintain fully validated records throughout the entire product lifecycle — from R&D and clinical trials to regulatory approval, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales and marketing. 

Using FileTrail’s powerful search capabilities, locating and retrieving records is straightforward, enabling companies to respond quickly to FDA audits. Access to records is automatically restricted to authorized users, with clear documentation of chain of custody.    

Energy (Oil & Gas)

Now more than ever, information management technologies are critical to the success of Exploration & Production (E&P) companies.

In acquiring oil and gas fields, E&P companies typically receive a large volume of well files and related documents that could take weeks or even months to inventory and track. 

Using FileTrail, energy companies can centralize management of their physical and electronic records; make paper records handling significantly more efficient; and enable authorized engineers, geoscientists and accounting staff to quickly access the files they need to extract valuable data. 

Rapid turnaround time for information requests enables companies to make better decisions faster, helping them to realize gains from their oil and gas investments sooner.

Banking & Insurance

For banks, manually tracking and retrieving loan documents is fraught with inefficiency and risk. Many loan departments rely on multiple Excel spreadsheets or Access databases to keep track of hundreds of thousands of loan files. 

FileTrail streamlines the management of loan files by automatically synchronizing loan data from multiple loan servicing systems. With just a few keystrokes, authorized staff can search for, locate and request files for retrieval from the loan vault. 

Batch processing with FileTrail reduces the time spent completing some transactions by more than 90% — as operations centers save time in pulling loan files for audits, pulling sold loans, pulling paid loans, and receiving newly funded loan files. 

For insurance firms, FileTrail automates the tracking of claims, policies, and associated paperwork stored in document storage facilities.