Industry Focus: Energy


For E&P companies, FileTrail offers specialized information solutions for well files and land files. The system can manage all data for wells: electronic logs, physical core samples, and legacy physical records. All data is kept organized and secured in a single centralized repository.

FileTrail provides authorized users with access to view all pertinent information and metadata for well files and land files, including API number, lease information, block number, operator information, and more.

Not having the correct version of data compounds delays and errors, which costs you time and money. FileTrail provides consistent, immediate access the latest version and a complete history of previous versions.

Customer spotlight:

“The company has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and the need to implement a fully automated file tracking system was becoming urgent. The FileTrail team executed a clean implementation and have provided good support.”
— Manager of Facilities and Office Services

“Visibility was a major win with FileTrail. Engineers in the field are able to access documents on their mobile devices.”
— Information Management Supervisor