Industry Focus: Legal Departments

Legal Departments

The role of corporate legal departments is evolving:

  • In-house legal teams are gaining recognition for the strategic value they can deliver to the business.
  • Legal departments face greater pressure than ever before to reduce their total spend and operate more efficiently.
  • The information governance landscape continues to change significantly for businesses across most industries.

FileTrail helps you adapt

FileTrail GPS enables legal departments to centralize information governance, providing an integrated view across electronic documents and physical records.

Searching for and retrieving relevant records is fast and efficient, via a modern web-based interface — minimizing fees paid to law firms and offsite storage vendors when it becomes necessary to locate specific files.

Retention policies can be applied to documents automatically, based on predefined rules, with automated notification to key stakeholders when there are legal holds. 

By streamlining retention and destruction of records, FileTrail helps legal operations teams to reduce storage costs and automate key aspects of regulatory compliance.

FileTrail GPS is flexible and configurable — allowing legal departments to customize hierarchical “parent/child” classifications for their data files as required. 

Whether you are managing records related to litigation matters, contractual agreements, outside counsel guidelines, leases, or patents, trademarks and other IP, you can configure FileTrail to fit the specific needs of your business.