Microsoft Teams Connector Now Available in FileTrail GPS

FileTrail GPS Microsoft Teams Connector

FileTrail enables information governance for Microsoft Teams in law firm environments

One of the biggest shifts in legal technology over the past year has been the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams in law firm environments. Many law firms and their clients have been using Teams as a communication and collaboration tool. We’ve all come to appreciate the value of connecting with our colleagues and clients virtually.

Information Governance Challenges with Microsoft Teams

Law firms in particular face unique information governance challenges when it comes to using Teams. Protecting client data and preserving confidentiality are major concerns. Furthermore, regulatory requirements around data privacy often vary from client to client, depending on the industry and the countries in which they operate.

Even with policies and procedures in place for how lawyers and staff should use Teams, things can get complicated quickly. And the convenience of using Teams for group chat, voice calls, videoconferencing and collaboratively editing content means that users will always push to do more with Teams if they can.

Microsoft Teams Connector in FileTrail GPS

Over the past year, a significant number of law firms have asked us to help streamline the way they govern information they share and create within Teams. Thanks to your feedback, we have invested in building connectors for closer integration.

This month, we announced the availability of a Microsoft Teams Connector in FileTrail GPS. Now you can use Teams together with FileTrail GPS in compliance with clients’ outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) as well as your own IG policies. 

Users participating in client matter-specific channels in Microsoft Teams can now easily access their FileTrail workspace, showing documents related to that matter across all repositories. As before, FileTrail GPS integrates with ethical walls applications such as Intapp Walls. Administrators can restrict access to client matter workspaces within FileTrail to designated individuals with the right permissions.

The Document Connector for Teams makes the FileTrail system itself aware of any matter-specific channels within Teams as soon as they are created. Most importantly, firms can use FileTrail GPS Policy Manager to ensure that any firm- or client-specific policies around retention and disposition are automatically applied to any content generated in Microsoft Teams.

Visibility Across All Repositories

The Microsoft Teams Connector is the latest of many connectors available for FileTrail GPS. We also offer connectors to SharePoint and SharePoint Online / Office 365, iManage Work 10 and iManage Cloud, NetDocuments and file shares.

Find out more about how FileTrail GPS can help your firm take control of information governance across all electronic and physical repositories. Request a consultation or a copy of the product data sheet today!