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NetDocs - Alvin

Darrell Mervau has been an industry pioneer and leader in the area of records management. And I am so happy to see him take on information governance and policy management.

We wanted controls for the protection and retention of information… This is where we have partnered, very, very closely.

FileTrail can actually create a single policy that will control disposition, based on all of the different variety of records retention mechanisms… You just set it up once and it will manage both records and digital files.

Alvin Tedjamulia
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer


FileTrail is a core part of our vision to automate controls on records retention and monitor compliance with firm policies and client requirements on an ongoing basis.

We value the FileTrail approach in providing visibility across multiple systems, as well as the responsiveness and support of its development team.

Christopher Egan
Assistant General Counsel for Information Governance


We thought it was important that the replacement for ARM/FileSurf lower our overhead costs, be easier to roll out, and provide more efficient processes for users. FileTrail has gone beyond our expectations in these areas. Their partnering approach has worked well according to our RM and our IT project staff. Their innovative features show a thought leadership we did not find in records management elsewhere.

Bret Chapman
Chief Administrative Officer


FileTrail’s partnership with NetDocuments as well as its forward-thinking and holistic approach to retention, which incorporates both firm IG policies and OCG, made it the clear choice for our firm.

Randy Oppenborn
Chief Information Security Officer

Jackson Lewis

FileTrail stuck in there with the physical records management portion of its product, and also focused on expanding its IG retention policy management tools for both physical and electronic records so that law firms can manage policies across multiple repositories. That, combined with an exceptional reputation for customer service, is why FileTrail has become a front-runner in records management and IG software for law firms.

Bradlee W. Davis
Director of Records and Information Governance


The idea of replacing our firm’s legacy records management platform was initially daunting... So we took our time to find a solution that would provide a modern, integrated approach...

Not only does FileTrail meet all our needs, the exceptional service and support we’ve received throughout the process continue to exceed our expectations.

Records Team Leadership


Our firm chose FileTrail for their holistic approach to information management. Their advanced RM and IG solutions will automate review cycles and move our IG program forward.

Joanne Smith
Director of Enterprise Applications


With clients asking for increasingly detailed information on how we apply, review and manage retention policies internally, we initially set out to build our own tools.

When we learned about FileTrail GPS, we were impressed with the product vision which aligned with what we were trying to accomplish.

Chuck Barth
Director of Information Governance

miller nash

At every step of this initiative, our experience with FileTrail has exceeded our expectations. Their consultative approach helped us to identify ways to integrate our systems that have significantly improved functionality and efficiency.

Lori Hughes
Lead Operations & Information Security Officer


After extensive research and product evaluations we chose FileTrail to replace ARM for our records management system. FileTrail’s deep expertise in the field of records management and its integration with such key vendors as Iron Mountain and iManage made it a front runner in our evaluation.

The deciding factor for us was FileTrail’s workflows and interface, which our professionals found to be highly intuitive and efficient.

Peter Bier
Chief Information Officer


FileTrail is all-encompassing, allowing us to manage physical as well as electronic records thanks to the integration with NetDocuments.

FileTrail is sleek and streamlined. It’s web-based and more user-friendly, more visual and better organized than LegalKEY.

The integration between FileTrail and NetDocuments has also helped us from a mobility standpoint… With FileTrail, we now have reporting capabilities we didn’t have with LegalKEY.

John Churchill
Records Department Manager


After reviewing several products, it was clear that FileTrail provided the best solution for automating document retention FileTrail is user-friendly, flexible and configurable, and we were impressed with how well it integrates with NetDocuments. FileTrail will free lawyers from having to worry about when files need to be disposed, significantly reduce administrative costs, and enable our IT and information governance teams to work more efficiently and effectively in supporting the business.

Maurice Tunney
Director of Technology and Innovation

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FileTrail is reshaping the information risk management landscape, enabling firms to meet urgent client demands, pass audits and address new compliance rules with a modern approach to records management and information governance. 

FileTrail centralizes, simplifies and automates the IG life cycle, including policy management, document review and disposition — integrating across physical records and electronic repositories — so firms can address OCGs, lateral intake, matter mobility and client audit response. 

It’s time to move beyond records management, and FileTrail is leading the way.