Information Governance vs. Records Management

At this time, physical records were king and office after office were flooded with records that needed to be organized and controlled. Records Managers were then heralded in to create structure out of records chaos.

Now, 30-40 years later, records have, for the most part, become digital and the drive towards paperless records looks ever more likely. Physical records still remain, but they have significantly decreased, particularly with the advances in digitization technology. These digital records encompass, but are not limited to, emails, electronic documents, databases, and digital media. With this dramatic shift and ease of digital storage, Records Managers are now in charge of more records than ever before.

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Currency of the Digital Age & Records Management Software

In a recent AIIM meeting, top industry thought leaders came together to ponder the issue of why organizations do not handle their information assets as seriously as they handle their financial, physical, or human assets. The way an organization manages its information assets is what can set them far above and beyond others. 

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