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Ultradent Improves Regulatory Efficiency with FileTrail

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A global leader in the development and manufacture of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments, Ultradent exports dental products to more than 100 countries. With international sales skyrocketing, the company’s management prioritized streamlining its regulatory tracking processes. In the end, it discovers FileTrail provides the ideal, customizable solution.

Challenge: Replace Excel spreadsheet with A modern records Management solution

Before it is can sell its products through distributors abroad, Ultradent must register products with countries’ Ministries of Health to fulfill regulatory requirements. Once an Ultradent product is approved for sale, it is issued a certificate with an expiration date, along with other relevant information. Saving and tracking this documentation is an important aspect of protecting international sales.

Five years ago, to improve this process Ultradent created an Excel spreadsheet to track documentation. Soon, however, Excel was overloaded with data. “Every time we received a new registration, we updated the spreadsheet. The problem was that Excel would either take forever to open, or it would crash our PCs. There was too much information,” said Katie Haas, Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

Ultradent selects FileTrail

Ultradent’s unique requirements meant it would benefit from FileTrail’s highly customizable records management software. The company spent three months meeting weekly with FileTrail’s team to identify search fields, customize reports, and specify workflows. Today, staff have a records management solution that speeds up its regulatory tracking processes and provides unprecedented forward planning capability.

“I think FileTrail would help a lot of other companies that need to track regulatory information. For each country our products are registered in, we track their expiration dates. Hundreds of Ultradent product registrations expire every month. As an organization, we need to be able to budget for those expirations and anticipate expenses throughout the year,” said Haas. “With a reporting tool that lets us pull up this data, FileTrail has become a key part of our internal forward planning.”

–Katie Haas, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Ultradent

Other reasons Ultradent loves FileTrail: with easy search, streamlined data access, and customized reporting. To get how this project has completely revolutionized records management at Ultradent, read the full case study.