Webinar: Pinnacle and Filetrail, IG for Law Firms

Join us on the 24th of February and we’ll make it easy for you.

During the webinar, our expert panel will explore the current IG landscape and the most effective ways to respond. This will include policies and practices you can put in place to reduce your firm’s exposure to risk and address your critical compliance responsibilities.  We’ll look at how you can automate your retention workflow and approval processes. And we’ll show how you can manage the ever-growing costs of storage.

Panel Discussion Topics Will Include:

IG Problems and Priorities

Our panellists will examine the growing risks caused by the huge volumes of electronic information we continue to create, share and store. This includes client materials, firm work product and records of collaboration and communication.

We’ll look at how to deal with different information security challenges, such as the correct policy for documents you receive or create and how each one can be automatically assigned so it complies with data privacy regulations. And we’ll look at the AML data processing issues that could expose your firm to unwarranted risk.

IG Processes and People

We’ll then turn from looking at problems to how to solve them. We’ll review how some firms are creating and implementing new policies. And we’ll share a framework you can use to conduct an internal IG assessment—either in-house or with help from external experts—so you can understand your firm’s particular environment, objectives, and needs. By the end, you’ll have a firm-specific resource that could be critical to your business case for investing in change.

IG Tools and Technology

The session will close with examples of how you can harness technology to make policy and process work effectively in practice. The panellists will link use cases to real-world examples where firms leveraged software to address their risk and compliance needs while at the same time cutting costs and improving their overall practice efficiency.

Expert Panel

Mark Parr Global Director of IT

Mark Parr

Mark has a strong pedigree of delivering information systems and technology across the globe, for a vast range of organisations. After a successful 27 year military career delivering command and control networks, technology solutions and communications and information systems in support of operations globally, Mark went on to join KPMG UK LLP in 2016, leading to him being appointed as the Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Information Assurance across the UK business. Now Global Director of IT at HFW, Mark is driving a range of transformational technology initiatives that will ensure that all colleagues have access to technology that supports them in the delivery of legal services and that clients see technology within HFW as a differentiator in the market place.

Christopher Young Pinnacle head of Risk

Christopher Young

Christopher Young is head of Pinnacle’s Risk and BD practices. Since he came into legal in 2002, Christopher has focused on compliance and is highly regarded for his ability to resolve complex regulatory problems. Prior to joining Pinnacle, he worked in the financial markets so has spent most of his professional career in regulated businesses. Alongside continued oversight of Pinnacle’s work in the new business intake and conflict space, Christopher helps firms minimise the significant risks surrounding information governance and records management.

Darrell Mervau

Darrell Mervau

Darrell Mervau is a co-founder and president of FileTrail, a global leader in records management and information governance for law firms. He provides the vision for product strategy and client service that has propelled FileTrail to its position of market leadership and broad adoption.