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Webinar: What Are the Must-Have Requirements for Your New Records Management Software?

On March 31 at 10am PT, we’re co-hosting a webinar with our expert risk consulting colleagues at InOutsource called Dare to Compare: Must-Have IT Requirements for RMS Replacement.” In previous webinars, we’ve covered some of the risks associated with legacy systems. Now it’s our chance to help you evaluate replacement physical records management solutions (RMS) and plan a migration strategy.
Tim Clauss, implementation manager at InOutsource, and Jamie Richgels, VP of engineering at FileTrail, will discuss some key considerations for your next RMS System, including:
  • The total cost of ownership for both new and legacy records management solutions
  • Project management and implementation
  • Ongoing support requirements
  • They’ll also discuss FileTrail as a modern replacement for legacy systems.

Read the blog post “9 Must-Haves” for Your Law Firm’s Upgraded RM Solution.” written by the team here at FileTrail.