What is Information Governance and Why Should You Care?

Information governance, or IG, is a holistic approach to managing corporate information by implementing processes, roles, controls, and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset.

In most organizations today, electronic documents are saved everywhere — in document management systems, file shares such as Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Box and other repositories.

Many corporations, government entities and law firms also have a large volume of physical records that have accumulated over decades — very costly to store and difficult to manage. Without a comprehensive view of all of your information assets, information governance is approximate at best. As the saying goes, “You can’t govern what you can’t see.”

Information Governance is the practice that provides you with an integrated view across your organization’s physical and electronic repositories — so that you can centrally manage and automate the information governance lifecycle, significantly reducing risk and containing costs.

Watch this previously recorded interview below to learn the latest on IG topics including agile records management, digitization strategies and managing IG with Microsoft Teams with FileTrail’s Darrell Mervau and John Isaza, Vice President of Information Governance at Access Information Management, who interviewed Darrell on “Out of the Box Live”.

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