About FileTrail

Leaders in Information Governance

Who we are

Since 2000, FileTrail has been developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise class information governance solutions. 

Deployed all over the world, we offer a highly configurable suite of governance software, including classifying, search, and tracking tools designed to help your organization manage the complete lifecycle of your business data records. 

Our solutions incorporate the latest technologies in enterprise content management, hosting solutions and browser based capabilities.

Our Values

We place a premium on trust — and we know trust is earned. So we invest in building strong relationships with our customers, rooted in mutual respect and real-world results.

We want you to trust us as a vendor and service provider. That means being confident in the technology we provide and the way we implement, support and enhance it over time.

FileTrail GPS does a critical job  — managing the critical data, files and assets across your organization. We take that responsibility quite seriously.

Our Technology

We take technology seriously. Our development team works to deliver a secure, scalable solution  — accessible via cloud or on-premises configurations  — that continues to evolve and mature over time.

Our design team focuses on delivering functionality specifically built to address the specific information governance challenges our law firm, law department and vertical industry clients face. 

The net result is a user experience that’s intuitive, easy and efficient  — critical for this class of software.


Our Service Philosophy

We know that our success depends on your success. Our service and support teams stand ready to provide you with the insight, instruction and answers your organization needs to get the most of it its FileTrail investment long term.

We work hard to get new customers up and running quickly. And over the course of our relationship help you manage, extend and adapt your use of our solutions as your needs evolve.

There is nothing we value more than helping you achieve your objectives. And we are grateful when you share your positive FileTrail experiences with colleagues across the industry.