Legal Information Governance Software

In an era of data complexity, FileTrail provides a robust legal information governance solution for law firms. Ensure compliance, reduce risks, and save substantial resources with our comprehensive software.

Retention, Disposition, and Visibility of all Documents
for Law Firms

What is Legal Information Governance?

Legal Information Governance is more than just setting policies. It’s a complex practice that requires a consistent and thoughtful approach. FileTrail offers a comprehensive solution that ensures effective execution of governance policies, leading to enhanced compliance and risk management. Check out FileTrail’s Legal Governance Software.

Beyond Policies

Explore how Legal Information Governance transcends mere policy creation. Success requires consistent management and execution to ensure compliance with internal guidelines, governmental regulations, and more.

Law Firms focused on Legal Information Governance, Compliance,

and long-term cost control, trust FileTrail

Information Governance isn’t just about creating policies for retention and disposition of data. Successful programs require consistent management and execution of those policies to ensure compliance – with internal policies, government regulations and outside counsel guidelines.

FileTrail Automates Governance to Simplify Management of Documents Throughout their Life Cycle

Features and Benefits of FileTrail’s Legal Governance Tools

Our Governance Software is designed to provide complete control over the lifecycle of documents. From automation to forecasting and eliminating manual tracking with extra security, we offer a suite of features that ensure robust information governance tailored to your firm’s specific needs.

  • Comprehensive In-Place Governance: Manage all documents without the need for physical movement or record declaration.
  • Streamlined Automated Document Management: From creation to final disposition, automate your entire document management process.
  • Future Forecasting and Planning: Project future storage needs and disposition schedules with our sophisticated forecasting tools.
  • Eliminate Manual Tracking: Move away from cumbersome spreadsheets and automate tracking for outside counsel guidelines.

We help Firms achieve compliance, lower risk and save real money

View all documents across repositories – your DMS, file shares and more.

In-place governance eliminates the need to move documents or take extra steps to declare a record.

Why Choose FileTrail for Legal Information Governance?

FileTrail stands as a leader in the realm of information governance. Our platform offers tailor-made solutions that facilitate risk reduction, cost savings, and efficiency. Explore how our holistic approach to data management can redefine your firm’s governance strategies.

Client Success Stories

Discover the transformative impact of FileTrail’s Information Governance Software through the success stories of our clients. These accounts provide an in-depth look into how our platform has helped law firms achieve compliance, lower risks, and realize substantial savings.

FileTrail’s Commitment to Holistic Data Management

FileTrail’s comprehensive approach to data management integrates various aspects of records management and information governance. We are committed to providing end-to-end solutions that serve the unique needs of law firms across the globe.

“We chose FileTrail to replace LegalKEY because of their user interface and commitment to development of the product.

"We are looking forward to working with FileTrail on the implementation and integration with iManage to manage retention, disposition and deletion of both physical and electronic items."

Jenny Saunders

Director of New Business Intake and Records, Miller Martin

akin gump records management case study

“FileTrail is a core part of our vision to automate controls on records retention and monitor compliance with firm policies and client requirements on an ongoing basis.

We value the FileTrail approach in providing visibility across multiple systems, as well as the responsiveness and support of its development team.”

Christopher Egan

Assistant General Counsel for Information Governance, Akin Gump

Shook Hardy & Bacon IG Software

"We chose FileTrail not only because our technical evaluation confirmed that it was the best technology fit for our records management and information governance needs, but also because the team’s focus, expertise, professionalism and overall commitment to client success are true cornerstones of their culture."

Debbie Dixon

Director of Records, Conflicts & New Business Department

FileTrail’s partnership with NetDocuments as well as its forward-thinking and holistic approach to retention, which incorporates both firm IG policies and OCG, made it the clear choice for our firm

Randy Oppenborn

Chief Information Security Officer

FileTrail stuck in there with the physical records management portion of its product, and also focused on expanding its IG retention policy management tools for both physical and electronic records so that law firms can manage policies across multiple repositories. That, combined with an exceptional reputation for customer service, is why FileTrail has become a front-runner in records management and IG software for law firms.<

Bradlee W. Davis

Director of Records and Information Governance

The idea of replacing our firm’s legacy records management platform was initially daunting... So we took our time to find a solution that would provide a modern, integrated approach...

Not only does FileTrail meet all our needs, the exceptional service and support we’ve received throughout the process continue to exceed our expectations.

Records Team Leadership

Our firm chose FileTrail for their holistic approach to information management. Their advanced RM and IG solutions will automate review cycles and move our IG program forward.

Joanne Smith

Director of Enterprise Applications

Our records managers were impressed with [the proof-of-concept with] FileTrail. We quickly discovered that any option could be configured to meet the needs of respective offices, practice groups and staff.

Heather Morrow

Manager of Special Projects

With clients asking for increasingly detailed information on how we apply, review and manage retention policies internally, we initially set out to build our own tools.

When we learned about FileTrail GPS, we were impressed with the product vision which aligned with what we were trying to accomplish.

Chuck Barth

Director of Information Governance

At every step of this initiative, our experience with FileTrail has exceeded our expectations. Their consultative approach helped us to identify ways to integrate our systems that have significantly improved functionality and efficiency.

Lori Hughes

Lead Operations & Information Security Office

Selendy & Gay

With the opportunity to implement a comprehensive records solution from our firm’s very beginning, we made sure to find the very best possible fit.

Not only does FileTrail provide a modern, integrated approach to RM/DM and an automated IG solution that will meet the firm’s needs indefinitely, but the quality of FileTrail’s customer service is unmatched.

Craig Pederson

Records Manager

After extensive research and product evaluations we chose FileTrail to replace ARM for our records management system. FileTrail’s deep expertise in the field of records management and its integration with such key vendors as Iron Mountain and iManage made it a front runner in our evaluation.

The deciding factor for us was FileTrail’s workflows and interface, which our professionals found to be highly intuitive and efficient.

Peter Bier

Chief Information Officer

FileTrail GPS, with its web services and web-based architecture, integrated nicely into our existing Intranet-based practice management platform. This was important because it minimized the training for lawyers and staff and increases our adoption rate.

Joseph MacDonald

Team Lead, Enterprise Applications

nelson mullins

FileTrail is all-encompassing, allowing us to manage physical as well as electronic records thanks to the integration with NetDocuments.

FileTrail is sleek and streamlined. It’s web-based and more user-friendly, more visual and better organized than LegalKEY.

The integration between FileTrail and NetDocuments has also helped us from a mobility standpoint… With FileTrail, we now have reporting capabilities we didn’t have with LegalKEY.

John Churchill

Records Department Manager

After reviewing several products, it was clear that FileTrail provided the best solution for automating document retention FileTrail is user-friendly, flexible and configurable, and we were impressed with how well it integrates with NetDocuments. FileTrail will free lawyers from having to worry about when files need to be disposed, significantly reduce administrative costs, and enable our IT and information governance teams to work more efficiently and effectively in supporting the business.

Maurice Tunney

Director of Technology and Innovation

Nelson Mullins

Modernizing Information Governance Policy Management and Disposition

Since implementing FileTrail Governance, Am Law 100 firm Nelson Mullins has disposed of over 1.5 million documents from the DMS.

How do we do it?

FileTrail automates governance to make your policies actionable:

  • Apply policy at document creation and throughout its life cycle with
    • IG best practices imbedded into workflows and
    • Automated document classification and retention calculators
  • Streamline disposition review and final disposition of documents
  • Forecast future disposition and storage needs
  • Eliminate the use of spreadsheets for tracking outside counsel guidelines
FileTrail Legal InFormation Governance Software

FileTrail Legal Information Governance

Gain visibility to all documents with powerful search and reporting tools

Customize your dashboard to visualize trends, see past dispositions, forecast storage reductions and much more.
FileTrail will simplify and streamline your governance program to improve compliance with internal policies as well as changing privacy requirements and other regulations.

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FileTrail’s Information Governance Software is a comprehensive solution designed for law firms to ensure compliance, reduce risks, and save resources.

FileTrail offers a holistic approach to data management, integrating various aspects of records management and information governance tailored for law firms.

Yes, FileTrail provides customizable dashboards, forecasts, and trend visualizations to tailor the software to your firm’s specific needs.

FileTrail’s software ensures effective execution of governance policies, leading to enhanced compliance with internal guidelines and governmental regulations.

FileTrail’s solutions help in reducing manual labor, storage costs, and the risk of unnecessary data exposure, leading to substantial cost savings.

Yes, FileTrail’s platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, streamlining the entire document management process.

You can schedule a demo on FileTrail’s website to explore the platform and its features.

Yes, FileTrail provides comprehensive support during the implementation phase and beyond to ensure smooth integration and usage.

FileTrail prioritizes data security and has robust measures in place to protect sensitive information and ensure data integrity.

  • Yes, FileTrail’s software is designed to integrate seamlessly with other platforms, enhancing its functionality and ensuring a unified data management approach.

Data Governance in Information Technology refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an organization. It involves a set of processes, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. This includes the processes that ensure data is consistent, trustworthy, and doesn’t get misused.

Data Governance is a subset of Information Governance. Data Governance focuses specifically on the management of data – its integrity, security, and availability within an organization. Information Governance, on the other hand, is a broader term that encompasses all types of information, including both electronic and physical records. It includes the strategies, policies, and procedures to manage and use information effectively, addressing compliance, risk management, and the strategic management of information.

The five goals of Information Security Governance are:

    • Strategic Alignment: Aligning information security with business strategy to support organizational objectives.
    • Risk Management: Identifying and managing risks to ensure they are at an acceptable level.
    • Resource Management: Efficiently managing resources to support information security.
    • Performance Measurement: Measuring, monitoring, and reporting information security governance to ensure business objectives are met.
    • Value Delivery: Ensuring that information security delivers value to the business.

Information Security Governance is the system by which an organization directs and controls information security. It involves leadership, organizational structures, and processes that safeguard the organization’s information. It ensures that the security strategies are aligned with business objectives and consistent with regulations.

Information Governance in Healthcare refers to the organization and control of all healthcare data, from patient records to treatment protocols. It ensures that all data is accurate, accessible, protected, and used in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It is crucial for protecting patient privacy and ensuring high-quality patient care.

Information Governance is the framework for handling information in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner. It encompasses policies, processes, and technologies that manage and protect information assets across an organization. Information Governance aims to balance the use and security of information, ensuring that it can be accessed and used effectively while also protecting it from unauthorized access or breaches.