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FileTrail works with trailblazing organizations in a range of highly regulated industries including legal, oil and gas, life sciences, financial services, government, insurance and more.

We value our relationships with these long-term partners
in the ever-changing world of information governance.
They are critical to our success

Since our founding in 2000, FileTrail has relied on client references to help grow our business – which is why we prioritize personalized service and customer satisfaction on every implementation. Because our client are partners, we are engaged in their challenges in real-time, allowing us to develop innovative solutions that are responsive to their changing needs.

Our client partners provide input throughout the design, modeling, and development of our records management and IG solutions. This helps us ensure we are addressing their needs today, and, because of continually changing regulatory requirements, their needs tomorrow.

FileTrail clients trust our modern solutions to automate their IG programs, saving money and improving policy compliance to reduce risk. We specialize in solutions for law firms and other highly regulated industries:

Law Firms

Law firms often lack internal resources to support legacy records systems. Our solutions integrate with leading legal document management systems, automate file transfers associated with attorney moves and client requests, and are part of a comprehensive IG program.

Corporate Legal

Corporate legal departments use FileTrail to centralize IG, providing an integrated view across electronic documents and physical records. Whether for managing records related to litigation matters, contractual agreements, outside counsel guidelines, leases, or patents, trademarks and other IP, FileTrail can be configured to fit the specific needs of your business.


Biotech companies are often focused on research and trust FileTrail for effective records management throughout their product lifecycles, from R&D and clinical trials to regulatory approval, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales and marketing.


Energy companies require specialized information solutions for well files and land files. FileTrail manages all data for wells – electronic logs, physical core samples, and legacy physical records – all kept organized and secured in a single centralized repository. Authorized users are provided access to view all pertinent information and metadata for well files and land files, including API number, lease information, block number, operator information, and more.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions know that manually tracking and retrieving loan documents is fraught with inefficiency and risk. FileTrail streamlines the management of loan files by automatically synchronizing loan data from multiple loan servicing systems. Improving efficiency through automation is at the heart of what we do. We work with hundreds of leading banks and insurance companies, using information management solutions configured to meet their needs — applying security protocols and other measures for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Other Organizations

City, state, or federal agencies, as well as non-profits, industry organizations, present unique requirements in describing their physical records.  FileTrail’s extreme configurability provides a solution that builds on those needs, leveraging legacy data and data from authority systems, to create the perfect solution.  Our unlimited user-define-able fields, dashboards, searches, and reports ensure that the organization, as well as each individual, sees a solution perfectly tailored to their needs.

Serving our Customers for over 20 Years

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