Corporate Records Management Software

Tracking, and Disposition of Physical Records

Rely on digital corporate records management from FileTrail to complete the Life Cycle of your Physical Records – we address the issues you face every day

“I spend too much time doing searches and reporting for department staff.”
“Legal holds and destruction are still a huge manual effort.”
“I need the whole company on one records management solution.”
“I need a system that automates more and has fewer manual processes.”
“I want to be able search and sort on more fields.”
“Storage costs are growing out of control.”
“My current records software is no longer being updated.”

If these sound familiar, modernize your organization with FileTrail Records Management

What Our Clients Say


“FileTrail is an integral part of the DVA’s electronic processing. Without it we would have to track upwards of 400,000 hard copy files manually within the DVA and to and from our customers – a mammoth task requiring considerably more than the current number of library staff.”

Sue Freeman

IS Manager, Ministry of Defence, UK


“One of the biggest challenges I faced as a CRM creating the company's first records management program was winning support and compliance of all the staff and departments that I needed to be successful. FileTrail made consensus possible by accommodating the unique needs of each department, while enforcing standards and giving me centralized oversight and control.”

Ember D. Krumwied

CRM, Director of Records, Investco Financial Corporation

"FileTrail makes it easy for us to create and color code new files for the city’s 28 departments."

Debbie Schofield

Records Manager, City of Pleasanton, California

“FileTrail tracks over 700,000 pieces of evidence and helps us provide fast retrieval for our customers.”

A. J. Dunks

Force Registrar, Humberside Police Department

Mid America Bank

“FileTrail is fabulous! FileTrail helped us consolidate 6 different operations into a single, centralized loan vault. We now track and handle requests for over 100,000 loan files with a much lower operating cost.”

Linda Ceno

Lending Operations Manager, MidAmerica Bank

“Everyone uses FileTrail from the top Partners to the clerical staff. The roll-out was easy since there was no software to install at the desktop. Now we know where every file is, whether it is archived, in central files, in a department’s cabinets or in an office.”

Barbara Langone

IT Systems Administrator, The Bollard Group

Ameriquest Mortgage Company

"FileTrail saves us so much time because we don't walk around looking for loan files any more. I can find and request any file in FileTrail without leaving my desk."

Lisa Wickser

Ameriquest Mortgage

"FileTrail allows our quality and manufacturing staff to better manage our GMP documents that are subject to FDA regulation."

Amit Syal

Quality Engineering - Validation Specialist, Abgenix, Inc

St Charles County

“Our staff love FileTrail. It is unusual to implement change without hearing complaints, but the benefits FileTrail is delivering are the things our staff have been wanting for several years.”

Judy Zerr

Circuit Clerk, St. Charles County Courts

Why FileTrail’s Corporate Records Management System?

FileTrail is committed to developing and supporting integrated platforms, including records management and governance for a holistic approach to data management.

The timely disposition of old records and documents will reduced risk and lower storage costs.



Migration & Integration

Hilcorp Energy Takes Control of Oil and Well Files with FileTrail

Records Management

“We selected FileTrail because of its intuitive user interface, highly customizable options, and great implementation team.”
Records Administrator Hilcorp Energy

Financial Sector Records Management

FileTrail delivers industry-leading records management and information governance solutions tailored for the financial sector. Streamline your documentation process, mitigate risks, and comply with financial standards effortlessly. Harness your data for informed decision-making and financial agility.

Energy Sector Records Management

Optimize your energy business operations with FileTrail’s robust records management and information governance tools. Manage data associated with exploration, production, and distribution efficiently. Comply with energy-specific regulations and tap into powerful data analytics to make informed strategic decisions.

Biotech Records Management

In the fast-paced biotech industry, manage your valuable research data, patents, and clinical records with FileTrail. Enhance your records management, ensure regulatory compliance, and harness information for innovation. Safeguard your intellectual property and foster your biotech breakthroughs with seamless data governance.

More than 300 leading organizations chose FileTrail for their corporate record keeping:


  • Visibility – Personalize dashboards reveal trends, metrics, and work to be done.
  • Perfect fit – Easily configured to your firm with unlimited user-defined fields.


  • Reporting – Build and share reports and graphs easily with the Ad Hoc Wizard
  • Forecasting – Destruction forecasts help you budget space and costs
  • Monitoring – Review Monitor helps spot bottlenecks and manage reviewers
  • Remote – Support remote workers with scan-on-demand requesting


  • Expertise – Teams skilled at developing cloud solutions
  • Longevity – More than two decades delivering premier records management software
  • Support – Exceptional client service

Clients Love FileTrail

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