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Selendy & Gay Case Study: Records Management & Information Governance for Legal Sector

"With the opportunity to implement a comprehensive records solution from our firm’s very beginning, we made sure to find the very best possible fit. Not only does FileTrail provide a modern, integrated approach to RM/DM and an automated IG solution that will meet the firm’s needs indefinitely, but the quality of FileTrail’s customer service is unmatched. The professional, hands-on service and support we’ve received throughout the sales and implementation process have reinforced our buying decision at every step."
CRAIG PEDERSEN, Selendy & Gay Records Manager

Modern Records Management – Getting It Right from the Start

Selendy & Gay Modern modern Records management and IG for law firms


Selendy & Gay is a boutique law firm based in New York City dedicated to quality service in litigation and investigations. The firm launched in January 2018 when several partners left a large, prominent firm, embarking on a mission to re-imagine law firm structure, operations and culture that sets new standards of excellence in their profession.

Starting a new firm from the ground up offered a unique opportunity. Selendy & Gay was able to build its infrastructure using the most innovative and progressive systems available from the very beginning. The firm hired experienced support staff that have the knowledge and expertise to implement operational systems that reinforce the partners’ vision to serve clients with focus and efficiency.

Selecting FileTrail

The firm hired a seasoned records manager who not only brought in a wealth of experience with legacy records systems but was willing to consider new platforms to find the most suitable solution for Selendy & Gay. With its sophisticated interface and advanced reporting options, FileTrail was selected to provide everything the firm was seeking in a modern records management system. Though Selendy & Gay doesn’t have plans to grow from its boutique size, FileTrail’s extensive tracking and reporting capabilities are available for the firm to use as it moves forward.

The firm also selected FileTrail for its commitment to service. While FileTrail has successful implementations with many large law firms, as a smaller organization that emphasizes high quality and personal service, Selendy & Gay found in FileTrail a kindred spirit.

The firm appreciated FileTrail’s consultative approach and its commitment to a hands-on implementation.


Exceptional service

Rather than requiring an outside consultant to do the installation, FileTrail worked directly with the firm to handle every aspect of the system’s implantation. Its knowledgeable, proactive team was supportive and attentive to the firm’s needs throughout the process. The platform’s interface and functionality are more sophisticated than many staff had used in prior settings, but FileTrail provided training and support to walk users through every aspect of the system and ensure the firm was positioned to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Streamlined and integrated systems

By integrating FileTrail with the firm’s iManage DMS, Selendy & Gay achieves a comprehensive solution to its RM/DM needs. Further integration with the firm’s other business systems also ensures its physical file system is aligned with its digital records, increasing efficiency and productivity firm-wide.

Future-forward IG

Selendy & Gay selected FileTrail in part for its forward-thinking approach to information governance. The platform will allow the firm to achieve a holistic solution to its long-term IG needs. With FileTrail, the firm can effectively implement its IG policies along with outside counsel guidelines by managing retention policies across all repositories within the firm’s ecosystem and automating review cycles to achieve auditable, defensible disposition. The firm is also looking forward to using it for simpler processes and reduced costs associated with lateral moves and client record transfers.


The founders of the boutique firm Selendy & Gay are creating a new model for the practice of law, with a dedication to excellence in litigation and emphasizing high quality service that clients cannot always find in larger firms. As part of that effort, the firm has sought partners like FileTrail that are equally committed to exceptional service and value in the delivery of their products and services.

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