Automating Law Firm File Transfers

automate client file transfers

Is yours among the many law firms seeing an uptick in attorney moves?

Today’s technology simplifies client file transfers to improve the process for everyone involved.

Successful firms effectively support attorney moves in a way that ensures compliance with both internal information governance policies and outside counsel guidelines. Client service is also a priority, because smooth transitions help to make a good first impression during the early stages of working with new clients.

In an article published in the Summer issue of ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine, FileTrail’s Darrell Mervau and Harold Westervelt discuss how law firms are using modern technology to better handle the client file transfers that come with attorneys moving from one firm to another. They address why client matter information must be quickly and efficiency processed, and offers insight on where firms can leverage tech solutions to help handle this important function more effectively.

Now is the time to automates attorney file transfers.

Learn how FileTrail’s Matter Mobility solution can help your firm reduce risk and improve client service.

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