FileTrail & NetDocuments Integration: Enhance Legal Document Compliance

Explore the integration of FileTrail with NetDocuments to streamline retention, ensure compliance, and simplify document lifecycle management with our advanced governance platform, tailored for legal professionals.

At FileTrail, we’ve seamlessly integrated our Information Governance Platform with NetDocuments, focusing on legal operations to enhance retention compliance and accountability. 

Our platform offers a configurable workflow for disposition review, legal holds, and final disposition of documents, ensuring secure and compliant management of legal documents. 

With features like disposition forecasting and quality program standards, we ensure firms can manage document lifecycles efficiently while maintaining high security and compliance standards. 

Our integration facilitates easy access for attorneys and staff, simplifies lateral moves, and adheres to the highest information security protocols, making governance a natural extension of your daily operations.

More than 70% of Law Firms are currently using records retention software that is outdated, unsupported or sunsetted.

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