Information Governance for Law Firms

Law Firms love FileTrail

It equips them with the visibility and control they need to navigate and eliminate risks.
Our end-to-end process design eliminates the need to cobble together process using spreadsheets and 3rd-party utilities. The capabilities on the following pages are among those that firms tell us have been important in making their governance programs successful.

Gain Control over all Documents & Records

FileTrail is a comprehensive platform designed to give you control over all documents and records — regardless of where they reside — to manage risk, save labor, and be more nimble.

Law firms today are facing a “perfect storm” of risk:

»  Explosion in mobility of attorneys to different firms.

»  Growing number of electronic documents that should have been destroyed long ago.

»  Increasing number of client audits.

»  Difficulty in applying client-specific guidelines related to retention of content.

The implications are real:

»  You risk reputation by being out of compliance with a client’s retention guidelines.

»  You raise litigation risk by keeping decades of documents that could have been disposed.

»  You pay more storage costs when documents and records are retained longer.

»  You risk a good first impression with clumsy processes for arriving attorneys .

»  You have higher labor costs when lateral moves are handled manually.

How can law firms weather this storm?

» The answer lies in automating with FileTrail’s Information Governance Platform. Save labor with on-line disposition workflow and notifications.


information governance for law firms

FileTrial at a Glance

Governance automate application of policies

records management automate records handling

matter mobility streamline coordination
archiving management automate archiving of documents

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