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Matter Mobility

Facing an increase in lateral moves? FileTrail’s Matter Mobility automates the process of attorney transfers. Stop spending unnecessary manual labor hours to handle their file transfers.

Automated workflows for attorney transfers:

  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Save time and cut costs
  • Improve the attorney experience

In addition to reducing risk and saving both time and money with a streamlined process, the firm gains other important benefits:

  • Newly arriving attorneys get settled in – and billing time – faster. Their clients are quickly impressed, validating their decision to join your firm.
  • Departing attorneys get documents reviewed and approved faster, and with less risk. Documents and document metadata are pulled automatically from all sources.

Matter Mobility’s powerful and flexible workflow provides valuable impact to the firm, with both arriving and departing attorneys.

Onboarding Workflow

  • Provides arriving attorneys the ability to prioritize matters & with visibility to matter status
  • Logs critical milestones including client approval, conflicts checks and intake
  • Automatically loads documents and metadata provided by the originating firm, pushing them to the firm’s EDMS without IT support
  • Merges multi-volume documents into a single one
  • Automates review and app

Outbound Workflow

  • Logs critical milestones including client and partner approvals, and more
  • Eliminates most ineligible emails before the review using Email Analyzer
  • Uses classifications to identify client-owned documents to retain
  • Automatically retrieves documents and metadata
  • Lets you set the timeframe to delete documents after delivery to client or departing attorney
  • Provides powerful filtering or search on any data fields
  • Highlights document content search results in document previews


matter mobility

FileTrail is the leader in information governance for law firms throughout North America, the UK and the EU.

  • Save Time and Money – Accommodate arriving and departing attorneys faster and with less effort.
  • Eliminate Reliance on IT – Automatic loading and retrieval of documents and data puts you in control, giving you immediate results.
  • Enhance Visibility – Gain visibility into what documents exist in any repository for any matter.
  • Reduce Emails – Eliminate most emails from review with the Email Analyzer.
  • Maintain Billability – Exceed arriving attorneys’ expectations. Keep them productive, informed, and happy about their early experience with the firm.
  • Work Efficiently – Automatic notifications spur reviewer to complete approvals online.
  • Fast Implementation – FileTrail’s experienced team will have you operating in 90 days or less.
  • Improve Marketing – Show off your onboarding process system to potential recruits.




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