Records Management Brochure – General

Full Lifecycle Physical Records Management

Track and locate, automated retention, integrated labelling, mobile access, seamless integration. Just some of the features of FileTrail Records Management.

Records Management

records management

Paper Lite

FileTrail is helping clients keep fewer paper records by:

  • Uniformly applying retention policies to destroy records on schedule and minimize paper storage.
  • Using scan-on-demand requests to efficiently support remote workers.
  • Integration with scanning tools to store the electronic document and destroy the physical record.
  • Storing reference-only documents with searchable content in lieu of an EDMS.

Powerful Reporting

FileTrail provides powerful reporting tools:

  • Non-technical users can design their own reports using the Ad Hoc Reporting wizard.
  • Trend Reports, showing activity over time, are easily configured into graphical reports.
  • Users can arrange many of their favorite reports and graphs on a user-defined Dashboard.
  • Downloads of large reports run in the background and alert the user when complete.
  • Share reports with users and groups, allowing them to run reports without your assistance.

Global Cloud

FileTrail in the Cloud provides records management without the hassle and cost of deploying and managing on your servers. The Cloud solution can be set up quickly with no software installation and low capital expenditure. Our centers in US, Canada, UK and EU accommodate your local and global requirements.

If you need extra security and want to manage FileTrail onsite – we have you covered. All the great features you have come to expect from FileTrail are built in and available to you, plus our expert team of solution consultants help you configure and deploy FileTrail, still giving you a low cost of ownership and a highly configurable solution.

Migration from Legacy Systems

The extreme configurability of FileTrail – unlimited user-defined fields and user-defined screens for different types of records – makes it easier to migrate legacy data by conforming FileTrail to the legacy data. The quality of data collected day-forward can be impacted by defining new screens with different fields and stricter validation.

FileTrail has experience migrating data from a variety of legacy systems and data formats.



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Records Management Brochure

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