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Miller Nash Case Study: Integrated RM/DM Solution in Legal Sector

"At every step of this initiative, our experience with FileTrail has exceeded our expectations. Their consultative approach helped to identify ways to integrate our systems that significantly improve functionality and efficiency. With respect to implementation and training, FileTrail’s project management and execution are the best we have experienced in a long time; their responsiveness and overall customer service are exceptional. And FileTrail’s continued willingness to engage with us and our other vendor partners to find new opportunities for improvement and innovation is what really sets them apart."
Lori Hughes, Lead Operations and Information Security Officer, Miller Nash

Superior service aids firm’s successful transition to a fully integrated RM/DM solution

miller nash fully integrated records management / document management system


A prominent West Coast law firm with nearly 150 years of history serving a diverse client base, Miller Nash  found that recent growth and its variety of practice areas necessitated the transition away from traditional document management and records management systems to a more customized and modern, streamlined solution.

Miller Nash set a goal to implement an updated, integrated records management/document management platform that would simplify workflow and oversight of the document life cycle – from creation through destruction – including a large volume of paper files.

Selecting FileTrail

The firm selected NetDocuments for its scalable platform that includes a unique suite of tools for document creation and management and Intapp Walls for its confidentiality management, security and conflict management capability. But it was the addition of FileTrail that provided the comprehensive, combined approach to records and document management the firm was seeking.

FileTrail stood out among modern records software products researched by the firm that effectively handle paper files. Beyond the platform’s functional capabilities, FileTrail’s consultative approach is what led to the combining of systems that now deliver a fully streamlined solution.

Working closely with NetDocs and Intapp, FileTrail’s team identified ways to improve firm efficiency by allowing users to see all paper files and folders within NetDocs, rather than having to open multiple systems and piece together snapshots from each to get a full picture.


System functionality

Miller Nash now has a comprehensive yet simplified platform to manage all firm documents – both paper and electronic – throughout their life cycle. With built-in connectors to ensure confidentiality and conflict management, the system offers a holistic approach to records and document management.

Improved efficiency

Properly operating fully integrated systems inherently reduce the time it takes to perform a variety of functions, improving productivity. Ease of use further promotes efficiency, and the one-stop visual offered by this system allows end users to quickly see an accurate picture of the document life cycle.

Smooth implementation

Despite the size and scope of replacing individual systems with an integrated RM/DM system, both implementation and user training were executed with excellence and with minimal downtime or disruption to firm operations.

Customer service

As a firm that prides itself on superior client service, promoting characteristics of dedication, innovation and tenacity, Miller Nash found a kindred spirit in FileTrail. The firm places great value both in FileTrail’s consistently exceptional customer service as well as its emphasis on continued improvement.

Project Summary

The firm wished to transition from older, separate document and records management software products to a modern, fully integrated RM/DM system that promotes a holistic approach to managing the entire document life cycle.

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Miller Nash is thrilled with the implementation of FileTrail as a key component of its new records and document management solution. End users appreciate the ease of seeing all paper and electronic files within a single platform, increasing their efficiency and improving daily productivity. Firm leadership remains impressed with FileTrail’s commitment to customer service and innovation, and the constant desire to improve its offering both for Miller Nash and for the entire industry.

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