Case Study

Investco Case Study: Compliance & Records Retention Management

Investco gains high compliance with FileTrail and implements formalized retention across the enterprise.

Investco Financial Corporation is a privately held real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Sumner, WA.  Their Corporation’s 25 year growth demanded the need for a comprehensive records management program. Ember D. Krumwied, CRM, was hired to create records management policies and practices, and employ records management software to implement these new policies.

Investco performed a comprehensive evaluation of records management applications to select the vendor that best fit their needs. Key functionality that Investco was looking for included:

  • A browser-based solution
  • File tracking capabilities
  • Records retention management
  • On-demand color coding
  • Integration with ECM systems

Investco selected FileTrail based on its ability to provide all of these functions. Being completely browser-based, with unlimited user-defined fields and an unlimited classification system set FileTrail’s apart.

Selecting FileTrail

Implementing an enterprise records management (ERM) solution involves creating standards for records classification, records-handling practices, and retention for the entire organization. The initial challenges include mapping the data descriptors used by each department, creating retention policies, selecting the record management software, etc. The capstone challenge once that work is done, is getting people to comply with the new policies and use the software.

“FileTrail made consensus possible by accommodating the unique needs of each department, while enforcing standards and giving me centralized oversight and control,” said Krumwied.

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