ACC Legal Ops Conference 2024: Empowered by FileTrail

April 14-16 | Hyatt Centric, Chicago Magnificent Mile

Elevate Your Legal Operations

Dive into a world of innovation and expertise with FileTrail at the forefront. Discover solutions that tackle real-world legal operations challenges. Learn more about the conference and what to expect at the ACC Legal Ops Conference page.

Why Connect with FileTrail

  • Streamline Compliance: Simplify compliance processes and reduce risk.
  • Enhance Governance: Improve control and visibility of documents, both digital and physical.
  • Boost Efficiency: Eliminate data silos to save time and resources in your legal operations.

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As the Bronze Sponsors, we’re addressing the critical needs of legal operations professionals. Explore our advanced governance solutions and learn how we can customize them to meet your challenges.

Special Invitation: Connect with Our Experts

Tae Kim and Eric Wilkes are eager to share insights and discuss how FileTrail can transform your legal operations. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect personally and learn from their extensive experience.

Tae Kim

Eric Wilkes

Event Details


Chicago, IL


April 14-16, 2024


Table 9

Ready to Transform Your Legal Operations?

FileTrail is here to guide you to a more efficient and compliant future. Connect with Tae and Eric to discover how our solutions can meet your specific needs.

Secure a Spot to Meet Tae and Eric​

Don’t wait — secure your spot to meet with Tae Kim and Eric Wilkes during the ACC Legal Ops Conference, or Schedule a Call to understand more about our solutions tailored for your success.

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