ARMA Houston Conference 2023

ARMA Houston conference

Empowering Information Governance and Compliance Professionals to Drive Business Strategies

The upcoming event hosted by ARMA Houston aims to provide professionals such as records managers, information governance and compliance experts with the tools and knowledge to impact their organizations’ business strategies and objectives. The event connects industry leaders, solution providers, and professionals to engage in thought-provoking, interactive, and solution-oriented learning experiences.

The organization focuses on teaching and exploring information governance issues from various aspects, including legal, financial, operational, and technical, through monthly meetings and annual conferences.

With a mission to advance the improvement of Records and Information Management practices, ARMA Houston provides educational and research opportunities. It is the largest of the 170 chapters worldwide under ARMA International, boasting over 300 members.

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FileTrail Speaker Session

Tuesday April 18, 2023
1:45PM – 3:00PM

The Future of RIM Trends and Predictions

This session could explore emerging trends and technologies that are likely to shape the future of RIM. Chad, Nick, and Rae will discuss the potential impact of trends such as the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence on RIM, as well as provide insights on how organizations can prepare for and adapt to these changes and at the same time leverage these technologies to find efficiency provide value to your RIM program.

Guaranteed Takeaways From Our Session

Understanding of how emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence can impact RIM, and the potential benefits and risks of adopting these technologies.

Insights on how organizations can prepare for and adapt to these changes, including the importance of assessing their current RIM program, investing in staff training and upskilling, establishing data governance policies, and partnering with technology vendors and service providers.

Ideas on how to leverage these emerging technologies to find efficiencies and provide value to their RIM program, such as using IoT sensors to track record usage and storage conditions, and AI-powered tools to automate tasks such as record classification and review.

About the Speakers

Foley Chad

Chad Foley

VP of Product Management

Chad comes from a long legal software background with experience at NetDocuments and Kirton McConkie. His early career was in technical support. As such his focus is customer satisfaction and retention. Chad is a Utah native and spends much time with his wife and kids in the mountains and deserts of his home state.


Liebenstein Rae

Rae Liebenstein

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Rae is a seasoned sales professional with eight years of experience delivering complex business initiatives. She specializes in technology sales, with a focus on selling software to government entities and corporations in the finance, pharmaceutical, and oil/energy industries. Currently, Rae works at FileTrail, where she collaborates with clients to identify their needs and guide them towards the best Records Management solutions. With her expertise and client-centered approach, Rae helps businesses streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

Nick Burge

Nicholas Burge

Director of Implementation

Nicholas resides in Austin, TX and is the Director of Professional Services at FileTrail. He started his 11-year career as a Records Management professional in the Energy-sector in Houston and eventually transitioned to Software Implementation in 2017.


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