ARMA San Antonio 2024: A Hub for RIM Professionals

Records Information Management – eDiscovery – CyberSecurity – File Share Cleanup

Make your plans to attend the 2024 ARMA San Antonio Chapter Annual Seminar, Friday, February 23rd for guidance with your Records Information Management, Information Governance, eDiscovery, and Cybersecurity challenges.

This event offers sessions on an array of subjects of interest to Records Managers, Information Governance, IT, Legal, Privacy and Security Managers, and all levels of the records information profession. You are sure to find value in networking with RIM professionals and learn from those who have faced the same challenges as you.

FileTrail's Participation

San Antonio, TX

February 23, 2024

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Session 3:
Let’s Fix Physical

Session 3:

Let's Fix Physical:
A Practical Approach to Records Management

 by Nick Burge, Director of Professional Services at FileTrail

Session Overview: Session 3

The objective of “Let’s Fix Physical” focuses on an interactive and pragmatic approach aimed at legacy physical records management practices. This presentation explores key topics such as efficient methods of establishing an initial physical records inventory, implementing updated approaches to label design and management, and exploring practical educational opportunities and external resources to empower records departments. “Let’s Fix Physical” offers a holistic perspective, combining theoretical insights with practical strategies. There will be room for discussion so please come with questions!

Meet the Expert: Nick Burge

Nicholas Burge resides in Austin, TX and is the Director of Professional Services at FileTrail.

He started his 11-year career as a Records Management professional in the Energy-sector in Houston and eventually transitioned to Software Implementation in 2017 for the leading provider of information governance and records management solutions.

Prior to joining FileTrail, Nick worked as a Records Supervisor and Systems Analyst at Hilcorp, a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company.

Since joining FileTrail in 2017, Nick has been instrumental in driving the company’s professional services initiatives, overseeing the implementation of key clients to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while adhering to Information Governance best-practices. He has worked closely with a range of clients across industries including legal, pharmaceuticals, energy, and financial services, to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Nick Burge

How to Meet Us

As we finalize our booth location, we encourage you to stay updated through our website and social media channels. We’ll be located in the exhibit hall, making it easy for you to find us at the heart of the event.

Interacting with Our Team

  • Expert Interaction: Our team of seasoned professionals in Records Management and Information Governance will be available throughout the event. Feel free to approach us with your questions, insights, or just for a chat about the latest trends in the industry.
  • Live Demonstrations: Experience hands-on demonstrations of our latest solutions and services. See firsthand how FileTrail can revolutionize your records management processes.

Staying Connected

Contact Ahead! If you prefer to schedule a specific time to meet, reach out to us. We’re happy to reserve a slot for you.

Why Attend Our Session: Advantages for RIM, IT, Legal, Privacy, and Security Professionals

Records Information Management (RIM) Professionals:

  • Gain insights into innovative strategies for managing both physical and digital records.
  • Learn about the latest compliance standards and how to implement them effectively in your organization.

IT Professionals:

  • Discover how to integrate advanced records management technologies with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Explore solutions for data security and efficient information governance in a digital landscape.

Legal Professionals:

  • Understand the implications of records management on legal processes and compliance.
  • Get expert advice on managing records for litigation readiness and risk management.

Privacy Professionals:

  • Learn about safeguarding sensitive information and adhering to privacy regulations through effective records management.
  • Discuss privacy challenges in the era of big data and how to address them.

Security Professionals:

  • Delve into the role of records management in ensuring organizational security.
  • Understand the intersection of information governance and cybersecurity.

Join FileTrail at ARMA San Antonio

A Must-Attend Event for RIM and IT Professionals!

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with industry experts and discover the latest trends in Records Management and Information Governance. Visit the FileTrail booth to explore cutting-edge solutions, gain valuable insights, and network with peers. Be sure to attend our special session led by Nick Burge for an in-depth look at practical strategies in records management.

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you harness the power of efficient and compliant records management. Let’s shape the future of information governance together!

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