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Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of legal technology as we proudly announce our participation in several prestigious European conferences. These gatherings are not just events but dynamic experiences that provide an exclusive gateway to connect, learn, and explore how FileTrail is at the forefront of transforming the legal industry with groundbreaking solutions. Below, you’ll find all the essential information about each conference, from the dates and times to compelling reasons why you must visit the FileTrail exhibit table. Join us in shaping the future of legal tech!


NetDocuments Inspire EMEA 2023: November 8

Partner Day at Inspire EMEA 2023

About the Event

Join us in London on November 8, 2023, for NetDocuments Inspire EMEA 2023. This event is dedicated to education, enablement, and networking for our amazing partners and celebrating their successes.

November 8, 2023

All day event

Convene, London[AB1]

Unlock Advanced Information Governance with FileTrail at NetDocuments Inspire EMEA 2023

NetDocuments Inspire EMEA 2023 in London is your gateway to discover how FileTrail elevates your NetDocuments experience, taking retention policy features to new heights. FileTrail takes the functionality of the NetDocuments’ retention policies several steps further catering to the specific needs of Information Governance (IG) personnel.

  • Information Governance Integration: Explore how FileTrail seamlessly integrates with NetDocuments, offering a comprehensive approach to information governance. Our solutions go beyond basic retention policies, empowering you to enforce sophisticated data retention strategies, automate document classification, and ensure compliance within your NetDocuments ecosystem.
  • Elevated Records Management: Experience the perfect synergy between FileTrail and NetDocuments in records management. Our integration simplifies the organization, classification, and management of legal records within NetDocuments, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping tasks and providing a robust foundation for IG processes. Not only can we enhance your NetDocuments repository features, but we can also show you how to better manage your physical files whether they live in a back room or a sophisticated storage warehouse. FileTrail also allows you to easily create disposition approval process and detailed reports for auditing and security purposes.
  • Effortless Matter Mobility: Discover how FileTrail’s Matter Mobility solutions, integrated with NetDocuments, redefine matter transfers among partners, legal teams, and service providers. This harmonious partnership fosters collaboration, accelerates knowledge sharing, and ensures seamless workflows within the NetDocuments platform.

By visiting the FileTrail exhibit at NetDocuments Inspire EMEA 2023, you’ll gain profound insights into how our integrated solutions revolutionize your NetDocuments experience. Join us to witness this dynamic partnership in action, and learn how FileTrail empowers IG professionals with the tools needed to enhance retention, compliance, and information governance processes.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to explore how FileTrail and NetDocuments collaborate to offer an all-encompassing approach to information governance, records management, and matter mobility within the NetDocuments ecosystem, specifically designed to meet the needs of IG personnel.


ILTACON UK 2023: November 15-16

What is ILTACON Europe?

About the Event

ILTACON Europe is now in its 16th year and offers an agenda curated by your peers. This year’s event begins on the 15th with a half-day Microsoft workshop focusing on Co-Pilot and other generative AI-powered features being released this year (separate registration not required). On the 16th, you can expect six highly engaging sessions, separated by networking breaks with your senior-level IT and infosec peers and business partners. ILTA is peer-powered and not-for-profit, dedicated to providing legal leaders with the connections, information, and ideas that drive our firms and our sector forward.

November 15-16, 2023

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Why Visit FileTrail?

Stop by the FileTrail exhibit table at ILTACON UK 2023 to explore how our solutions can help you navigate the ever-changing legal tech landscape. Learn how we can assist in optimizing your legal operations, improving security, and enhancing client service.

  • Information Governance: Experience how FileTrail’s Information Governance solution is your definitive answer to achieving seamless compliance with tailored policies and guidelines. This product offers automation that ensures consistent policy execution, effortlessly applying retention policies to documents and matters across multiple repositories. Whether it’s precise application of Outside Counsel Guidelines, efficient progress tracking, strategic forecasting, or streamlined audit response, FileTrail empowers you to take control of your data and reduce risk.
  • Records Management: Discover how FileTrail’s Records Management solutions are designed to tackle the unique hurdles U.K. law firms face. Say goodbye to the challenges of cluttered file cabinets, outdated spreadsheets, and compliance concerns. Our solutions empower you to efficiently organize, classify, and manage your legal records throughout their lifecycle. Experience a digital, compliant, user-friendly approach that streamlines your records management practices, ensuring you stay on top of UK regulatory requirements.
  • Matter Mobility: Witness how FileTrail’s Matter Mobility solutions are at the forefront of shaping the future of legal matter mobility, particularly tailored to address the UK legal landscape. Our solutions facilitate seamless matter transfers, ensuring that your legal team can collaborate, access, and manage cases effortlessly, in-house or across multiple law firms. Embrace a new era of lateral moves that enhance efficiency and productivity within the UK’s dynamic legal environment.

With a substantial presence and extensive experience serving some of the top global-ranking law firms in the UK, FileTrail is uniquely positioned to comprehend the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent in the UK legal sector. Our dedicated team member, Jon Roscow, based in the UK, ensures our close alignment with the specific needs and nuances of the UK legal landscape. Join us to harness our wealth of experience, gain insights from real-world implementations that have proven beneficial to our UK clients, and discover how FileTrail’s solutions, underpinned by our deep UK expertise, can propel your legal practice forward in harmony with the event’s themes.

At each conference, FileTrail’s tailored solutions are your key to unlocking the full potential of legal technology, ensuring that your participation is not just informative but transformative for your legal operations. We look forward to seeing you at these exciting European legal tech conferences! Be sure to visit FileTrail at each event to discover how our solutions can revolutionize your legal practice.

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