Law Firm Information Governance – How FileTrail Automates IG

A few weeks ago, we launched a 3-part article series about information governance (IG) for law firms. Every year, IG is getting more complex. As a result, even when law firms successfully launch IG programs they are often unable to follow through on implementation. High overhead costs and detailed manual procedures mean that compliance with IG policies isn’t 100%—or even followed at all. This leaves many firms at risk.

In Part 3, we discuss how firms can succeed in today’s environment by automating their IG workflows.

Ultimately, the best strategy for law firms is to be thoroughly knowledgeable about what IG software is available.

What to look for in IG software

An effective IG program uses records management as its defining pillar. Ideally, the goal of an effective IG program is to manage and track all records in every repository. Managing retention policies and disposition reviews should be done once, in a single software system. Beyond physical records and electronic documents, this even includes transactional records, such as those found in AR, AP, and ERP systems.

Retention policies need to be granular enough to apply any variations from a client’s OCG to the correct documents. Moreover, all the steps within the software need to be automated so that nothing falls through the cracks. And, most important of all, audit trails and reporting must easily document compliance for a matter for all records and documents across all repositories.

What’s the #1 IG solution for law firms?

FileTrail Governance Policy Suite (GPS)

With software that’s updated twice annually, FileTrail provides the industry’s most advanced records management solution and IG solution with GPS. FileTrail has been developing records management solutions for regulated industries for almost 20 years.

Our newest add on system features the only end to end automated IG solution for retention and policy management. It  integrates with your document management system, DM, and business platforms right out-of-the-box. It’s called Governance Policy Suite (GPS), and here’s what you can expect:

  • Automated disposition workflow to guarantee your firm’s compliance for retention and OCG.
  • Retention for documents in common repositories, including document management systems, SharePoint, share drives, image servers, etc.
  • Workflows for outbound attorneys to help you track every step of the lateral moves process.

GPS is built into FileTrail’s best-in-class records management software. These are a few of its features:

  • 100% browser-based software, which can be deployed from the cloud or on-premises.
  • Intuitive UI with easy navigation to minimize staff training and ensure quick user adoption.
  • Multiple levels of permissions to give you granular control of software access at a lower cost.
  • User-defined reporting, which enables users to generate graphical reports that support management decisions

This comparison chart  provides a comprehensive list of what law firms should look for when they’re evaluating records management software.

Today Automation is Essential

To succeed in today’s increasingly complex IG environment, the best strategy for law firms is to be thoroughly knowledgeable about IG software, create a roadmap, do a proof of concept, and work with a vendor that can satisfy all your firm’s requirements.

Learn how your law firm can move away from a reactionary approach to retention and toward a proactive workflow that automates IG processes, saves money and reduces risk.


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