Information Governance Trends – 2018 and Beyond

Key findings

As we look back at 2018, we reflect on a few key findings in ILTA’s 2018 Technology Survey with regard to information governance and records management, which show continued focus and growth in these areas across the 431 firms who responded:

  • Information governance is high on the agenda for firms with 150-349 attorneys — 24% of the firms in that category listed information governance as one of their “top three technology issues or annoyances.” Interestingly, security compliance/risk management is also very high on the agenda for firms of this size, with 41% listing it as a top 3 concern in 2018, suggesting a strong link between these issues.
  • The percentage of firms reporting that they have an information governance policy in place for electronic records has jumped to 32% from 27% last year. Looking more closely at the numbers, the larger the firm, the more likely they have an information governance policy — 79% of firms with 700+ attorneys, and 50% of firms with with 350-699 attorneys, say they have one.
  • A growing number of firms are using FileTrail as their primary software for records management of physical files, particularly among firms with 150+ attorneys.

We’ve had a great year working with leading law firms as we expand FileTrail offerings beyond records management to also encompass information governance. And we look forward to helping you define and enforce your information governance policies and procedures — for both physical and electronic records — in 2019.

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