Law Firms: What’s the Best Way to Maximize Efficiency? FileTrail Weighs In

Automating IG is a good place to start

This month, leading UK-based industry publication Briefing Magazine invited FileTrail to contribute to its current issue, which focuses on legal innovation. It seems that these days law firms everywhere are concerned about staying ahead of the competition. And they’re honing in on innovative technology—namely automation in various forms—as the best way to maximize efficiency and accomplish this goal.

When taking a closer look at automation in the industry right now, it’s clear that there are some big discrepancies between how automated the legal workload is today versus how automated it could be if there were greater investments in legal IT.

FileTrail’s team have a lot to say on this topic. In the featured article “Attention Retention,” FileTrail’s CEO Darrell Merveau, vice president of product development Tom Pemberton, and vice president of engineering Jamie Richels, all weigh in on the benefits of leveraging information governance automation and good retention workflows to stay competitive and maximize law firm efficiency in 2018.

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