The Winning Recipe for Law Firm Information Governance

Creating a culture that supports IG

“Knowingly or not, organisations face a fundamental choice: they can control their information, or, by default, they can allow their information to control them.” — 2019 Sedona Conference Commentary on Information Governance.

In a recent Legal IT Insider article on “Creating a culture to support law firm information governance,” Darrell Mervau of FileTrail and Christopher Young at Pinnacle discussed the key ingredients needed to take control of information.

The ingredients for law firm information governance

  • Clearly defined leadership roles, including clarity around whether the CIO, General Counsel or Head of Risk is accountable
  • Organisational structure that breaks down departmental silos that often exist between IT, Security, Risk & Compliance, Records Management, Finance and HR
  • Shared mission, values and behaviours that reinforce good information governance practices among employees
    Control mechanisms, including processes and systems that help employees “do the right thing,” such as workflows automating document classification or alerting stakeholders when retention periods have expired
  • Training tailored to individual employees’ specific functions, as well as education on how to use “newer” tools such as Microsoft Teams more responsibly
  • Measurement of how well the firm is tracking when it comes to IG compliance, retention and disposition

Find out more about how FileTrail provides a more integrated view of law firm information governance.

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