When Laterals Move, Client Files May Follow: Streamlining Matter Mobility

We’re pleased to announce the launch of FileTrail GPS: Mobility Manager

Are client file transfers causing a strain on your firm’s resources? FileTrail GPS: Mobility Manager is a solution that streamlines matter mobility, which we’ll be showcasing at ILTACON 2019.

Our CEO Darrell Mervau spoke to Legaltech News about the challenges firms face when lateral hires bring new business and client files with them, and how FileTrail GPS: Mobility Manager makes the review, authorization and transfer process more efficient. Check out the article here. (Log-in required.)


Departing lawyers who want to take client files with them typically trigger a huge administrative burden for IT, as well as other lawyers and staff. FileTrail GPS: Mobility Manager helps by automating workflows to ensure that the correct files are gathered, reviewed and approved for transfer by partners and clients — as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With new lateral hires who want to bring client files with them, the challenge is similar but also more complex and exciting given the potential for new business. New attorneys are keen to start client work ASAP, but firms are understandably cautious about accepting custody of client files that may lack proper client authorization.

FileTrail is working with leading firms to optimize and implement workflows that streamline the process of securing client authorization and ensuring that only appropriate files are accepted by the firm — minimizing risk and allowing billable work to commence quickly and efficiently.

Register now for our Matter Mobility demo session at ILTACON which we’ll be repeating twice during the week (on Monday at 10:30 and Thursday at 8:00) due to popular demand. Featured speakers include Gene D’Aversa, Director of Project Management – IT, Husch Blackwell.


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