Why Leading Law Firms Choose FileTrail


Top firms in the U.S. and abroad are joining their peers in partnering with FileTrail to manage their law firm information governance & records management needs.

Since FileTrail’s founding more than two decades ago, we’ve specialized in working with law firms and corporations in highly regulated industries. Over time, our client portfolio has grown with an increasing number of large firms. Just this month we signed yet another top 50 firm, one with nearly two centuries of history, 900 attorneys and two dozen offices in the U.S. and around the globe.

So why do large firms like this one continue to choose FileTrail for their legal records management and information governance needs? Of course, it begins with our ability to deliver modern solutions with exceptional service. But it often comes down to a few essential factors the world’s leading firms tend to consider in many of their decisions: trust, flexibility and patience.

  1. Trust is critical in any relationship. Large firms value trust because it’s also a required element for their most important client relationships. They make decisions based on trust that is earned, which is among the reasons many of them select FileTrail, where we pride ourselves on building partnerships for mutual long-term gain. Our goal isn’t to simply make a quick sale; instead, we listen to client needs and work with them to offer solutions that will meet those needs today and into the future. These efforts result in a level of trust that isn’t common in short-term relationships designed for transactional purposes.

    Trust is also earned with honesty, transparency and by following through on commitments. This is true within partner relationships as well as more broadly. The latest firm to sign with FileTrail appreciated our candor when we purchased Teravine last year and our focus on product development that led to the release of our newly integrated offerings in Q4. The CIO vetting the firm’s options noted details of provider product road maps and compared those plans to what was accomplished. Not only did we follow through and do what we said we were going to do, we completed those initiatives on schedule.

  1. Large firms also require a certain amount of flexibility from their information governance software partners. This applies to a variety of issues, including the ability to choose how their platform is hosted. While many providers have moved exclusively to the cloud, FileTrail recognizes that not all firms are ready to do the same. We continue to offer an on-premises version with the option to migrate to the cloud when the firm is ready.

    Flexibility is also necessary in working with other partners. In addition to being able to operate with their DMS, for example, many large firms work closely with consulting firms that help them manage an array of tools and their integrations with one another to ensure all those platforms work seamlessly. FileTrail maintains close relationships with the legal industry’s premier IT consulting firms, making it easy for our largest clients to partner with us in the capacity that works best for them.

  1. Patience – on both sides – is critical to partnership success. This is especially true for firms seeking enterprise software installations like records management and information governance solutions. And it requires the trust for both parties to remain calm and persevere throughout the experience.

    Whether replacing a legacy system or implementing a new platform from scratch, the process of a firm moving through the entire sales cycle can be long and involved. The first step is deciding it’s time to consider a new solution, followed by conducting a formal needs analysis, thoroughly researching and thoroughly vetting all options, making a final decision and then negotiating a contract. The entire process can be painfully slow, which is understandable when a large firm with potentially thousands of users is making not just a large, but a long-term investment. FileTrail understands these firms must take their time to get it right, which is why we stay focused and patient throughout each step, providing as many updates and product demos as are necessary to ensure firms are confident in their decision.

    Likewise, large firms must stay patient with their software provider and prospective vendors. Despite the pace of their buying process, other businesses continue to move forward, often quickly. In the case of our newest client, the firm was understanding when FileTrail completed a major acquisition and subsequently integrated our products, resulting in an updated platform from the solution that was initially proposed.

These three factors – trust, flexibility and patience – are important ingredients in partner relationships. Along with FileTrail’s longevity in the legal market and superior products, they are among the biggest reasons large law firms increasingly choose FileTrail for RM, IG and matter mobility needs.

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