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Shook Case Study: Information Governance & Risk Mitigation in Legal Sector

"We chose FileTrail not only because our technical evaluation confirmed that FileTrail was the best technology fit for our records management and information governance needs, but also because the team’s focus, expertise, professionalism and overall commitment to client success are true cornerstones of their culture.Adopting FileTrail has been well worth the investment and delivered strong returns. Today we’re addressing both our records management and broader IG needs with greater automation, efficiency and visibility. Our risk management and professional responsibility requirements were the bedrock drivers of this initiative. The measurable cost savings we’re anticipating is another added bonus." Debbie Dixon, Director of Records Management, Conflicts & New Business, Shook Hardy & Bacon

Choosing the right partner and the right IG approach to mitigate risk, control cost and elevate client service

Shook Hardy & Bacon Information Governance and Risk Mitigation in Law Firms


With a reputation for first-class service, particularly in complex litigation matters, Shook, Hardy & Bacon (Shook) serves health, science and technology clients globally. Key to the firm’s success is an emphasis on forward-thinking investments in innovation, including technology to support practice execution.

Facing increasingly stringent outside counsel guidelines and a more complex compliance landscape, Shook sought to invest in extending its information governance capabilities. And to do that, it needed to modernize both its records system and IG software.

With its LegalKEY records system approaching its predicted end of life, the firm was determined to identify a modern solution that would not only upgrade its records management capabilities, but also deliver new levels of comprehensive IG.

Selecting FileTrail

Shook identified business and user requirements aligned with its innovation and operational priorities and consulted with peer law firms to identify candidate solutions. After narrowing proposals to a short list, the firm selected FileTrail, based on several factors, including:

  • Its ability to seamlessly integrate and work with the firm’s NetDocuments document management system.
  • Its accessibility to all authorized users throughout the firm’s international network.
  • Its ability to centralize the firm’s management of IG policies and mitigate risk—without undue overhead or disruption—including compliance with legal hold and retention policies and OCGs.
  • Its position as the most highly recommended solution by peer firms.

With its sophisticated interface and advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, FileTrail provides everything the firm was seeking in a modern records management system and IG solution.


During implementation, the FileTrail team successfully built relationships and earned the trust of firm leaders and system users alike, which promoted a smooth transition. Installing any new enterprise system and navigating the process of user training and adoption can present challenges, particularly when it modifies the way staff have previously performed tasks.

FileTrail worked diligently to address these change management issues by making experts available to engage technical leaders and users, and by responding to questions and concerns about the switch, including adjusting project plans where prudent.


Implementing FileTrail has already yielded meaningful and measurable results for the firm. These include:

Greater efficiency

By integrating FileTrail with its DMS, Shook has achieved a comprehensive solution to managing both its records and documents by allowing access to both within the DMS. And FileTrail’s holistic approach to IG allows the firm to manage activities like legal hold workflows within the same system as retention, simplifying processes.

Risk management

The firm has achieved significant benefits by tracking and managing its well-established retention policies and other compliance mandates within the same automated system. Along with mitigating overall risk related to policy compliance, the firm can respond quickly, easily and accurately to information requests from clients, courts, insurers or regulators.

Enhanced budget forecasting and anticipated cost savings

Better forecasting has improved the firm’s management of its off-site storage footprint. FileTrail’s advanced reporting predicts when cubic footage will no longer be needed, so the firm can eliminate unnecessary space more quickly, and its automated policy compliance ensures a timely disposition of records. Shook is anticipating a significant decrease in its overall off-site storage expenses.


With the successful adoption of FileTrail, Shook now has a cutting-edge, comprehensive solution in place, enabling the firm to address both its records management and broader information governance needs with greater automation, efficiency and visibility.

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