Four Reasons Why It’s Time To Replace LegalKEY

reasons to replace legalkey

The development of LegalKEY ended several years ago.  And, yet, many firms are still using LegalKEY.

Keep in mind that staying with a product that has taken this road doesn’t bode well for the future. HP sunsetted ARM, with a final end of life in the past.

Today, if you’re on LegalKEY, you’re paying annual support and not getting anything in return. Plus, getting an unauthorized browser overlay will cost you money to run the same feature set on a 1990’s database architecture.  You’ll still be installing a Windows application for Records and Governance staff.  And you can’t get to Cloud.

While that might not be enough to convince you to make the switch, here are four other reasons why it’s a great time to move to an integrated platform using newer technology.

1) You’ll Save Money

Browser-based or Cloud-based records management systems mean a lower total cost of ownership across the board. The cost savings are substantial. Most systems pay for themselves within the first year. It starts with IT rollout (No Desktop installations) and implementation (on-prem or the cloud). After that, it extends to staff productivity and support.

Easy-to-use configuration tools do not lock you into a fixed field system like LegalKEY. You don’t even need IT to make changes or create ad hoc reports. Deployment is tailored to your firm’s unique requirements. Then, staff access to a unified workspace where they can search for files and download results. All file requests are organized for the records management department in an easy-to-use dashboard. With a click of the button, records managers can create ad-hoc reports—something that once required the help of IT staff. All of this means your bottom line is positively impacted from Day 1.

2) Your IG will be automated

The best new records management systems have information governance (IG) built right it. New IG tools feature dashboards to ensure compliance and completely automate the process for lifecycle management from creation through disposition.

Moreover, IG tools can manage the retention and disposition of both physical and electronic records to create a single policy engine. You can even make sure that differences between offices—related to unique practices, and Outside Counsel Guidelines —are accommodated.

3) Your document management system will be integrated

The most updated records management systems are part of an IG platform that integrates all the top document repositories, billing systems, and security products like Intapp Walls, Intapp Holds, and iManage SPM. Document Management integrations include NetDocuments, iManage. and OpenText eDocs.  Other integrations include file shares, SharePoint, M365, and more. This integration enables staff to view lists of physical records alongside electronic documents within a single, unified workspace.

With everything integrated, staff can manage and view all documents, request retrieval, and use IG tools. Doing so enables you to apply security and other IG policies across the board, which improves both efficiency and workflows.

4) Your system will scale effortlessly

Firms grow and change, and new offices and attorneys are added constantly. Regional, national, or global you must be able to meet unique client needs while maintaining governance policy. Rather than spending valuable IT resources dealing with these changes, you need a records management system that grows effortlessly with your firm. When lateral moves occur, your system should be able to handle data as it comes in or goes out. Browser-based records management systems can scale with your firm’s growing needs.

Don’t stay on LegalKey and get left behind

To stay successful, firms need to work smarter. In today’s world of increasing security risks coupled with pressures to reduce costs, it’s better to find a replacement for outdated software platforms sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did.

“It has been many years since we have had any LegalKEY upgrades or significant product enhancements. Since future development is over, we have turned to FileTrail to replace LegalKEY. FileTrail provides the flexibility, continual development, software integrations, and advanced reporting features we need to properly manage our records program going forward.”

John Churchill, Records Department Manager
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Try FileTrail today

FileTrail provides a 100% browser-based records management solution that’s available in both on-premise and hosted versions. Getting started is easy because it deploys in a fraction of the time of other records management solutions. FileTrail has a retention workflow that provides an actionable dashboard to ensure your law firm is in compliance with its information governance policies.

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