FileTrail GPS Overview

Centralizing and Automating Information Governance

Put Policy into Practice

What Use is Policy Without Performance?
Today, digital and physical information is everywhere. And proliferating. It’s stored in document management systems, share drives, industry-specific systems like case management systems, portals like SharePoint, and onsite and offsite physical storage.

How can your information governance (IG) policies be applied to the lifecycle of everything? If your firm has gone to the expense of developing comprehensive IG policies, don’t drop the ball by failing to apply them consistently.

FileTrail GPS (Governance Policy Suite) centralizes, manages and applies IG policies for electronic documents and physical records across multiple repositories.

A Suite of IG Applications

FileTrail GPS enables compliance with information governance policies by enabling organizations to:

  • Centralize information governance policies and guidelines
  • Classify and apply retention policies and records automatically
  • Manage reviews and monitor progress in real-time on an actionable dashboard
  • Capture an audit trail of past activity
  • Generate reports for management and clients on demand
  • Plan for future data storage needs, forecast costs and expected savings resulting from dispositions
FileTrail GPS comprises three core applications including:

Technology That Integrates

FileTrail GPS implements governance “in place” wherever documents are located without moving document content — through deep integration with mission-critical applications and information repositories used across your organization.

The system can be deployed from the cloud or on-premises. Users can access our secure, unified platform via web browser or via a mobile app. Powerful search functionality ensures that the information that users need is always right at hand.

FileTrail is built on an open architecture, which makes it easy to integrate, extend, and customize to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our configuration tools further give you the ability to easily make changes with little training or the need for IT support.