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Legaltech News Publishes In-Depth Review of FileTrail GPS

Legaltech review of GPS for law firms

Law firms understand the importance of investing in policies and procedures to determine to manage the vast amounts of information in their possession. However, many firms run into problems when it comes to executing their information governance (IG) policies due to high costs and complexity. Inconsistent application of IG policies is a major industry concern that puts law firms everywhere at significant risk.

Recently, leading industry publication Legaltech News evaluated FileTrail GPS (Governance Policy Suite), and how effectively it automates IG. The review examines GPS functionality in-depth, ultimately concluding:

“If you’re looking for a silver bullet for [document retention] problems, investigate FileTrail’s Governance Policy Suite (GPS), a purpose-built, web-based platform designed to implement information governance (IG) and retention policies on physical and electronic records.”

Read the full article here: “Review: FileTrail GPS for Law Firms Reins in Documents from the Outer Limits of Retention