Legaltech Recap: What Do Law Firms Want for Records Management Software in 2018?

The short answer: Automated IG

Last week, FileTrail’s team attended the Legaltech 2018 conference at the New York Hilton Midtown. We were thrilled about the buzz that was generated by the announcement of our newest product release: our automated information governance (IG) solution, Governance Policy Suite (GPS).

Thanks to all the interest in GPS, throughout the conference we met with clients, consultants, and law firms of all sizes to do individual demos so that everyone could see it in-action. We also did customized tours of our modern records management solution for law firms that’d  heard about us and wanted to learn more.

If you missed out—or you’re curious about what else went on at our booth—here’s a quick recap of our Legaltech trip.

GPS is in the news

During the conference, we spoke with several news outlets that were excited to learn about our newest product. A big part of the buzz surrounding GPS was thanks to FileTrail’s tremendous growth in 2017. Last year, FileTrail became the de facto solution for law firms when the number of AmLaw 100 and 200 firms using our records management software increased by 35%!

After learning about GPS’s innovative information governance capabilities, on the third day of the conference Legal IT Insider reported that FileTrail is officially “hot” in its article Legalweek New York 2018: What’s Hot and What’s Not. In addition to mentioning FileTrail’s “impressive law firm client portfolio,” the article also listed some of GPS’s biggest selling points. Legal IT liked that GPS enables users to:

  • “Flag data when it needs to be destroyed in accordance with client requirements”
  • “Manage outside counsel guidelines as well as firm policies”

We’re excited that GPS is already getting the attention it deserves as the only purpose-built automated IG tool to ensure law firms are always IG compliant.

The big issue for law firms at Legaltech 2018

Right now, there’s a lot of industry concern about the high overhead associated with records retention and IG compliance. More than ever, law firms are being forced to rapidly evolve their IG capabilities to accommodate the guidelines of individual clients, reduce storage costs, and mitigate their litigation risk.

However, a lot of firms still aren’t executing against their retention policies because the required overhead to find, approve, and destroy items is simply too high. It’s a major problem. After all, they know that the longer they hold onto data, the longer they’re exposing their firms to a hack, a breach, or an internal issue.

After learning about FileTrail GPS, law firms were excited about how it had the potential to revolutionize their IG retention management protocols—and take the overhead issue out of the equation. We heard over and over again how FileTrail could help their firms finally tackle the exponential growth of documents in DMs other repositories and shared drives.

FileTrail specializes in IG for law firms

FileTrail GPS makes executing your IG policies infinitely easier—and more cost effective—than it would ever be to carry out processes manually. Gone are the times of running a manual search for matters that are ready for disposition, sending a memo to the responsible parties, waiting for signoffs, and then starting the destruction process when those approvals finally surface.

Now with FileTrail’s GPS software, you can automate information governance processes and trigger the steps leading to review and disposition, to help guarantee compliance for both internal policy and outside counsel guidelines

If you’d like to learn how FileTrail GPS could revolutionize your law firm’s IG, download our solution brief.


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