Policy Management, Disposition Review:  Hot topics at NetDocs Summit

Preview FileTrail’s Advanced IG Software at ILTACON 2017

Next week, May 22nd, we’ll be at the NetDocuments Elevate Summit in lovely Park City, Utah discussing important changes law firms are making to their records management technology. One of the biggest is with their NetDocuments Workspaces. Did you know it’s possible to deploy records management software that features full integration?

Join us for a presentation in which we share examples of how the most successful law firms are switching records management software to replace their outdated ARM/FileSurf and LegalKEY solutions. We’ll also be providing a demo that shows how FileTrail’s records management software offers the most advanced functionality for maximizing your NetDocs Workspaces thanks to its full integration.

FileTrail’s exclusive features

Single Matter View

This feature means you no longer need to log out of NetDocuments and then log back into your records management system to view exisiting physical records for a matter. With FileTrail, everything can be viewed from within NetDocuments.

Policy Management and Application Tool

Today, Outside Counsel Guidelines are becoming more specific on the rules related to disposition of client data. To ensure you’re always compliant, FileTrail adds retention management, policy control and governance to all your client and firm electronic and physical records. It can be used for both your documents in NetDocuments, as well as your other file shares and repositories.

Attorney Disposition Review Dashboard

FileTrails adds an actionable dashboard into the NetDocuments interface to support attorneys who are responsible for reviewing matters for disposition. Clicking on the dashboard provides access to a list of matters up for review, as well as tools to mark matters, files, or documents that need attention. The disposition review dashboard also displays a range of metrics, including:

  • How many matters are up for review
  • Progress as attorneys conduct reviews over several sessions
  • A color-coded progress bar indicating files and documents with approaching deadlines

These are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy with FileTrail. 

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