Trail Blazer: Nelson Mullins on FileTrail

Nelson Mullins, an Am Law 100 firm with 25 offices and more than 750 lawyers, has been live on FileTrail since April 2018. 

In this snapshot, records department manager John Churchill shares his first-hand experience with FileTrail — why Nelson Mullins selected FileTrail to replace LegalKEY, as well as the firm’s experience in transitioning users:

“FileTrail is all-encompassing, allowing us to manage physical as well as electronic records thanks to the integration with NetDocuments.”

“The transition from LegalKEY to FileTrail was very smooth… Our records staff and users have adapted well. The help desk has been great, and FileTrail has been very supportive in listening to our ideas, particularly with regard to retention.”

“FileTrail is sleek and streamlined. It’s web-based and more user-friendly, more visual and better organized than LegalKEY. Searching is certainly a lot easier and more dynamic, and navigation is a lot smoother. “

“The integration between FileTrail and NetDocuments has also helped us from a mobility standpoint… With FileTrail, we now have reporting capabilities we didn’t have with LegalKEY.”

Nelson Mullins is just one of a growing number of law firms that are replacing LegalKEY by upgrading to FileTrail.


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