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We’re excited about the upcoming GLA ARMA conference on April 20, 2017. This year’s conference theme is focused on evolving technologies and keeping RIM (records information management) relevant.

In addition to the terrific lineup of seminars and events, we are especially looking forward to attending sessions that will be lead by our good friend Nancy Beauchamin.  We urge you to check out her talk on  CREATIVE RESOURCING FOR YOUR LAW FIRM IG PROGRAM.

Here’s a summary of what you would hear if you attend.

Ensuring that your IG program is successful depends on executing inexpensive impact projects that have manageable lifecycles. Getting there is simpler if existing resources can be used creatively to support the efforts. Identifying and leveraging these technologies, processes, and people embodies the spirit of true governance, and our interactive panel will explore and share some ways to do that.

What are the other topics with buzz?

Talking to fellow attendees before the event, we’ve been hearing about what they think will be hot items under discussion.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT). It seems like lately everyone is obsessed with the IoT. What are best practices for retaining all that data?
  2. Dark data cleanup. What exactly is dark data?  What are best practices around its cleanup and prevention?
  3. Future-proofing RMs jobs. What can records managers do to get a seat at the information governance (IG) table?
  4. Starting from scratch with IG. What should records managers do if their organizations haven’t even heard of IG? Where should they start?

We look forward to learning more about topics #1 and #2 at the conference. We’ll report back in an email to subscribers to our weekly updates.

For #3 and #4–both those topics are near and dear to our hearts. If you’ll be attending the conference, drop us a line and schedule a meeting!

Unable to attend?

If a trip to LA doesn’t fit into your schedule, a few of our recent posts might provide you with some valuable insights into trends #3 and #4.

Trend #3: In this blog, we demonstrated that records managers can win kudos from executives by finding a solution that not only features a low TCO, but which also automates records management and is highly scaleable.

Trend #4: Don’t know where to look for the best IG solution? Start by finding one that’s highly configurable, which lets the software do all the day-to-day work.

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