Law Firms Choose FileTrail to Replace ARM and LegalKEY (Osler + Miller & Martin)

Two more prominent law firms: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP; and Miller & Martin decide to move to FileTrail.

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP practices both nationally and internationally, and is one of Canada’s largest business law firms. Miller & Martin is a 150-year-old leading Southeastern law firm with offices across three states.

Both firms were looking to replace legacy records management systems, LegalKEY and ARM. After extensive research, they discovered that FileTrail’s newest features make the transition seamless.

For Osler, FileTrail’s integration with key vendors stood out

According to Osler’s CIO, Peter Bier:

“After extensive research and product evaluations we chose FileTrail to replace ARM for our records management system. FileTrail’s deep expertise in the field of records management and its integration with such key vendors as Iron Mountain and iManage made it a front runner in our evaluation. The deciding factor for us was FileTrail’s workflows and interface, which our professionals found to be highly intuitive and efficient. We are looking forward to working with FileTrail on the implementation to manage retention of both physical and electronic items.”

Miller & Martin really liked FileTrail’s ongoing development and upgrades

In recent years, Miller & Martin joined the long list of law firms that made the switch from LegalKEY due to an ongoing lack of support. As they looked for a replacement, FileTrail’s solution stood out.

Jenny Sanders Plunkett, Miller & Martin’s Director of Business Intake and Records, said:“We chose FileTrail to replace LegalKEY because of their user interface and commitment to development of the product. We are looking forward to working with FileTrail on the implementation and integration with iManage to manage retention, disposition and deletion of both physical and electronic items.”

FileTrail is the best choice for law firms looking to Upgrade

Several new FileTrail features make it easier than ever for law firms to transition off old records management systems (RMS). FileTrail uses the latest technology and can integrate with any document management system in the legal space. Older technology still requires desktop installation, and it’s only just now starting to explore integrating with information governance requirements. If you’re looking to replace a system, like LegalKEY or ARM, you should really ask yourself: “Why replace an old system with another old system?”

Recently, FileTrail released advanced new features that were developed in response to the market need created by legacy RMS products, which are no longer being updated to address current industry standards. Our latest enhancements demonstrate our deep commitment to ongoing product development. We are constantly releasing new upgrades to ensure that law firms have the features they need in a modern records management system.

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