Miller Nash Rolls Out a Streamlined Document + Records Management Solution


Challenge: Modernize a traditional records and documents management system

Since its inception nearly 150 years ago, prominent West Coast law Firm Miller Nash had used traditional systems to manage its documents and records. However, recent growth and outdated technology necessitated that the firm upgrade its systems and move to a modern and streamlined solution.

The firm set a goal of implementing an integrated platform that combined document  management with records management. It began evaluating records management (RM) and document management (DM) vendors to identify the best options available for law firms. The challenge was to find solutions that worked well together to provide a singe user interface.

FileTrail’s RM/DM solution stands out from the competition

At the outset, Miller Nash was impressed with the unique suite of tools offered by NetDocuments. As it looked for records management software to complement this selection, FileTrail came out on top.

FileTrail provided the ideal, comprehensive and integrated RM/DM approach to delivering electronic and physical records that the firm was seeking. Not only did it effectively offer the management of paper files throughout the records lifecycle, it also integrated well with NetDocuments.

“At every step of this initiative, our experience with FileTrail has exceeded our expectations. Their consultative approach helped us to identify ways to integrate our systems that have significantly improved functionality and efficiency.”

–Lori Hughes, Lead Operations & Information Security Officer, Miller Nash

This project is a great example of how FileTrail provides the industry’s most advanced integrated document + records management solution

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