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In 2018, Selendy & Gay was founded with the vision of creating a new model for the practice of law, dedicated to litigation excellence.

As part of that vision, the boutique firm has teamed up with partners like FileTrail that are equally committed to exceptional client service and product innovation.

Three years after Selendy & Gay selected FileTrail for records management, we interviewed Information Governance Manager Craig Pedersen about his experience to with FileTrail to date.

“I decided that it was going to be the better investment for this firm to work with FileTrail and three years later I feel exactly the same way. A very satisfied customer.”

– Craig Pedersen, Information Governance Manager

Reimagining Law Firm Records Management

Selendy & Gay is a premier New York litigation firm devoted to helping clients with their most challenging commercial disputes and investigations.

The firm was founded in 2018 by top litigators who sought to re-imagine law firm structure, operations and culture, and set new standards for the profession. Selendy & Gay has hired experienced operations staff with the knowledge and expertise to implement systems supporting lawyers and their clients with focus and efficiency.

When it came to records management, the partners hired Craig Pedersen, with a mandate to build a robust records management process from the ground up.

“Simply put, the firm put an immediate priority on institutionalizing the strongest possible protocols for information governance and records management. We wanted to take the most sophisticated approach and use the best software available,” recalls Craig Pedersen, Information Governance Manager.

Evaluating Records Management Systems

One of Selendy & Gay’s criteria was to make sure that the new records management system would be ISO 27001 compliant.

“We needed a system that could track all our information, efficiently and securely,” Pedersen explains. “With the opportunity to reimagine and build a records management program from the start, I wanted to find the best possible fit. FileTrail offered a modern, integrated approach to records management that is also very flexible and easily adapted to our needs as a new boutique litigation firm.”

“One thing I made clear was the importance of customer service. The FileTrail team gave me confidence that they would be attentive to our needs,” adds Pedersen.

Ease of Implementation

Craig Pedersen says that migrating his existing database into FileTrail was straightforward, and that the FileTrail customer support team was proactive in addressing the firm’s needs throughout the implementation process.

“There really were no twists or turns whatsoever. It was very straightforward. The FileTrail support team was able to walk me through the process step by step,” Pedersen explains.

Security, Efficiency and Audit-Readiness Selendy & Gay is now ISO 27001:2013 Certified, and FileTrail is part of its broader information security management system.

Pedersen is proud of the new records management department he’s built from the ground up.

“The value to clients is that our systems have been designed with efficiency and security in mind,” he says.


selendy and Gay Case Study

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